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Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, states during a speech in the Senate: "There is A WAR being waged against the working families of America!" November 30, 2010.

Sen. Bernie Sanders:
Our (Wealth-Dominated) Banana Republic


04 December 10 your social media marketing partner


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-20 # barkingcarpet 2010-12-04 15:45
This is just a rerun of a Jimmy Stewart movie ain't it? Ignore the man with the gray hair. Your television is your friend, drive to the mall, buy buy...... Go to sssleeeeeep.... .
+28 # marilyn hawes 2010-12-05 00:44
Senator: Thank you, thank you for pointing out in real terms the details of the tax cuts for the top 1% in our country. We rarely hear that. It is unconscionable what wall street and the republicans in congress are doing to the middle class. Senator Sanders, your speech on the floor of the Senate was both educational, articulate and incredibly helpful. I wish everyone could hear it.
+20 # mavenandmeddler 2010-12-05 00:59
You've gotta love Bernie for speaking truth.

I encourage people to read "Wealth and Our Commonwealth: Why America Should Tax Accumulated Fortunes" By Bill Gates, Sr, and Chuck Collins.

You'll understand not only the lies by the right regarding the estate tax, but all the rest of how they've derailed the budgeting and tax processes.
+16 # Patricia Chang 2010-12-05 02:08
Please, Senator Sanders, run for President on the Independence Party. We need a Third Party.
+10 # ER444 2010-12-05 15:29
Amen. I have writing this for a year. Imagine names like Alan Grayson and Russ Feingold with Michael Moore as in charge of PR. The two party system is bankrupt.
+9 # Dan Fletcher 2010-12-05 18:03
Those of us in the bottom 98%...and for certain at least the bottom 90%, are screwed. This should be regarded as plain and simple for all to see. The evidence, even in our propaganda dominated media, is abundantly available to anyone who cares to look. It's really that easy. Change from within, conventionally speaking, is a tragic joke...a complete waste of time. I applaud all who promote the candidacy of Sanders, Grayson and Feingold (most definitely with M. Moore in charge of PR!). Sanders for President, Grayson or Feingold as VP with cabinets filled by either, by Kucinich and the rest to like minded. It comes down to this: We have to act. We have to give up on the two party system. We need to promote a third party alternative like there's no tomorrow...beca use at this rate, there might not be. Two party rule is a sham. It's crap. We all know it. We all need to do something about it. Let's dump the Democrats because they are beyond reform now. Lets start by writing to Sanders NOW! Sure, corporate dollars will outspend Sanders and the media will under serve, but we can collectively do something about that. Boycotts, protests, we collectively donating huge sums. Let's do it!
+10 # ER444 2010-12-06 03:29
Dan, I think a call to action is due. I have been reading your comments and we seem to be on the same track. I believe the key to forming a third party that could at least get enough press to make a difference is Michael Moore. I visit his web site daily and will be sending him email once a week begging him to call Grayson and Feingold and get something started. One word to the "goal" of any third party. We must think more like a party in a parlimentary system. That is our principles must stand before getting elected in an attempt to swing the middle of the road Democrats more to the left. In Germany the Green Party doesn't dream of having enough votes to put their candidates in Chancellorship. However, through their insistence on supporting extreme "green" ideas they force the Social Democrats to "compete" with their ideas in order to appeal to the more progressive voters. This is a very effective way to influence the policies of the opposition. One of the mantras of the past has been, we can't start a third party because that would just steal votes from the Dems and guarantee a Rep. victory. We have to get away from this thinking now. It is time to scare the shit out of the Dems!
+9 # Observer 47 2010-12-06 12:14
Dan and ER444,

Great comments! Agree 100%. The Dems are as bought-and-paid -for as the Rethugs, and anyone who doesn't realize that is in denial. Sanders, Feingold, Kucinich, and a few others are the only true people's representatives we have anymore.
+3 # Dan Fletcher 2010-12-06 16:01
ER444 and Observer 47, yes, it's time to get busy. ER: I'm with you and will be getting ahold of Michael Moore promoting his involvement. I understand the positive effect of the Green Party in Germany and agree that if all that is accomplished is that a decrepit stalemate which guarantees more of the same can be broken because of how a vocal third party enhances the argument, good thing. I also think that disenchantment with our status quo is now so outrageous, and bound to yet grow even more substantially, that a third party presidential candidate could be a viable outcome. One thing is for sure, such a development would at the least completely change the game the Democratic Party is playing. It isn't going to do it's job unless a viable third party gives them a run for the money. Observer 47, get ready to jump into the mix when the time comes. I don't own a crystal ball but I predict that Obama will bomb and an increasingly outraged public will be starving for an alternative from Palin. Be prepared to be amazed! I believe that out of sheer necessity, big changes lie ahead, some good. Be prepared to seize the day when it comes! Join in!
+19 # ER444 2010-12-05 03:55
Bravo Senator. What a shame there aren't more Politicians who are brave enough to tell the truth like you are doing. What a shame the Republicans are wearing blinders. They are not listening. They have been brain washed. They really believe the drivel they are puking out every day. Your speech should be broadcast on every news program, alas Fox and co will certainly not show it. The corporations are spending tons to keep America dumb. They are winning the propaganda war, and the mainstream media is playing into their hands. They will silence you, Mr. Sanders. There are simply not enough of bold Democrats like you. They will sweep you under the rug. Where the hell is our President ???!!! Where in God's name is our President ???!!!
+14 # Kathy P 2010-12-05 05:05
Brilliant speech! If only the Republicans would listen.
+10 # mary almon 2010-12-05 17:00
if only the hard working poor and middle class who voted for the republicans would listen...they should be the first in line to shout down the republican agenda
+6 # Observer 47 2010-12-06 12:18
The Republicans DON'T CARE. No amount of rhetoric directed at them will make one iota of difference. They, and most of their Dem cohorts, are all about accumulating more money and power, like their corporate masters. The people in this country need to wake up and realize that, STOP listening to mainstream media propaganda, and STOP voting against their own interests!
+3 # Sarah Blackmun 2010-12-10 01:29
If only the Democrats would listen!
+15 # genierae 2010-12-05 08:42
Bernie Sanders is such a good man, I am so thankful that he, and others like him, such as Dennis Kucinich and Sherrod Brown are representing us in congress. Unfortunately their numbers are very small compared to the sell-outs, and they don't have enough influence to create change. That's why they are allowed to speak the truth on the floors of the House and Senate. If they get to be too much of a thorn in the side of the rich elites, they will be silenced, one way or another. As long as the majority of Americans refuse to think for themselves, the rich will continue their attack on the rest of us.
+9 # ericsongs 2010-12-05 09:35
Is there any chance at all of seeing a Sanders/Grayson ticket in the next election? .... (that might bring me out of my cave long enough to cast a ballot)
+21 # Diane 2010-12-05 09:36
It's as if most Americans are like the mindless workhorses who plow along with blinders on. Their drivers are the major corporations and loud, mouthed conservative talk radio hosts. Yes, and the dumbing-down of their audience with top news being about celebrities, "reality" shows, fashion and cookie recipes. You tell 'em, Bernie, and remove those blinders, if possible. Let's take action here.
+11 # rm 2010-12-05 10:42
The great thing Sanders exposes is the absolute commitment of the republican party to the ruling elite. The republicans have only one agenda -- make the very rich even richer. I guess you'd have to add permanent war against poor nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yeman, Indonesia, and the rest. But these are resource wars, so they benefit wealthy individuals and corporations.

the great irony is that the teabaggers voted republican. What a miracle of propaganda.
+7 # Observer 47 2010-12-06 12:20
The Democrats are just as bad---don't think they aren't! A majority of them voted for the wars, and keep voting to fund those wars, and vote for bailouts, etc., etc. With a few exceptions like Senator Sanders, they're ALL bought and paid for, no matter which side of the aisle they're sitting on. Again, anyone who doesn't believe it is seriously deluded.
+8 # Bertram Spiller 2010-12-05 15:00
Sen Sanders is one of the few intelligent voices in the Senate. What a shame his voice is not heard more often.
+4 # DurangoKid 2010-12-05 15:37
Without corporate money, Sanders doesn't stand a chance of being elected president. By some miracle should he be put in office, the R&D factions of the corporate party would make sure nothing he proposes would become law. If he were to meddle in the Pentagon or Federal Reserve, I doubt he would survive his first term.
+4 # Phyllis M Beaver 2010-12-05 16:56
(85yearoldsenio r)
OK all your comments say the same,,, so lets do something about it,,, we don;t have much money and you all know why,,, so if everyone of was able to give just $1,00 each starting now lets draft our good Sanders somewhere that he can help those who need it,,I do not know where since my knowledge of politics is limited ,,,but there are some among you who do know,, so if that make sense then follow through,, if not disregard it nuf said Phyllis M
+6 # diane johnson 2010-12-05 20:20
Sanders for president! can someone get these comments to the entire house and senate before folks start to build guillotines? dj
+2 # Shorey Chapman 2010-12-06 16:54
The most important aspect of this is that we are held hostage by stock and bond traders. If, by some miracle, Sanders ideas were enacted, the traders would sell everything and run for the doors. Frank Rich in yesterdays NY Times says Obama is a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome, which turns hostages into zombies. In Saturday's Washington Post, Rabbi Michael Lerner, founder of Tikkun magazine and the Network For Spiritual Progressives, says we need to challenge Obama in the primaries with Progressive candidates. But, remember, if we were ever to succeed, the markets would collapse. Any suggestions?
+3 # Bob K. 2010-12-06 23:35
So what does anyone expect from the capitalist system? People need to stop being convinced that socialism is a bad system. A third party political system will not be feasible without a change to an economic system that places welfare of the citizens above the "private" wealth and greed of the big capitalists who own and operate the system for their own benefit while the people are reduced to indentured servants. Bernie Sanders would be the first to say so.
+5 # Gene Mason 2010-12-07 00:04
Thank you for your voice. I don't hear anyone else in the US Senate that speak with the truth and courage. I am so grateful for you. Gene
+2 # Ernie Waugh 2010-12-07 10:07
Senator Bernie Sanders for President!
Dr. Howard Dean for Vice President!

Howard Dean for President
Bernie Sanders for Vice President
+4 # Larry Chudd 2010-12-07 18:31
I would prefer Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich (in either order). The current Democratic Party appears to be bankrupt... bought-off really. Obama is a COLOSSAL disappointment. I am embarrassed to call myself a Democrat these days. The Administration is "in bed" with the enemy, and we need to move away from Capitalism and toward Socialism. Is Socialism a "dirty word"? Not as dirty as our brand of Capitalism has proved to be!
+2 # carioca 2010-12-09 07:48
Brazil has the greatest inequality of wealth of any major nation.
+3 # carioca 2010-12-09 07:51
Part of the problem is the pornographic, voyeuristic culture that the media propogates with garbage such as "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."
+2 # carioca 2010-12-09 07:55
"They fund the campaigns, they get what's due them."


Praise de Lord!
+4 # Michael Kearns 2010-12-09 12:57
What a national hero. One of the few we can count on our fingers.
+2 # Greg 2010-12-10 00:36
Bernie for President NOW
+2 # Earl 2010-12-10 01:42
You can't fight this through the channels that are owned or controlled by the enemy. No I'm not talking about the media, I'm talking about the U.S. government. We've been sold out and that's all there is to it. What would our colonial forefathers have done?
+2 # namerequired 2010-12-10 04:10
As long as the cartel known as the Federal Reserve maintains a monopoly control over credit and interest rates, the wealth of this nation will continue to be funneled to the rich.

The Fed is a criminal organization, allied with the government, and they are both run like the mafia - through intimidation and fear.
+2 # josie 2010-12-10 08:51
How refreshing to FINALLY hear someone tell it like it is. We owe a debt to Bernie Sanders for telling the unembellished truth instead of making a politically correct statement. Our country is on a down ward spiral and most of our elected officials are greasing the skids to help it happen faster. Where are the sensible people in our country???? Not in Congress!!
+2 # Jack Siler 2010-12-10 15:28
If it wasn't so cold up there, I'd move to Vermont just to have such a person for my Senator!
+1 # Bill Jefferys 2010-12-10 20:57
We moved from Texas to Vermont and are proud of Bernie. It ain't so cold up here. Just being able to vote for Bernie will warm you considerably!
0 # H. LO 2010-12-15 01:25
The way of economic today it work jus help to the rich (allway did) but now they one more and more. Down with this imperialis of the economic, Let get united and take action to do somthings for our life for the future of ours children, The way the economic it going will be very soon to came a slave. Lets no this happen to our people. We know it!s no easy but we can yes we can make the change like Jhon Lenno said POWER TO THE PEOPE.