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Reich writes: "Now that Mitt Romney is the presumed Republican candidate, it's fair to ask how he made so much money ($21 million in 2010 alone) and paid such a low rate of taxes (only 13.9 percent)."

Mitt Romney: So Much Money, So Little in Taxes

Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog

02 April 12 your social media marketing partner


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+5 # Mamazon 2012-04-13 11:33
Excellent simplified analysis of a horrendous manipulation of money that makes me dislike Romney even more -- if that's even possible.
+3 # cherylpetro 2012-04-13 15:13
Mitt is used to taking businesses, squeezing the profits from them, and then tossing them aside like a piece of rind! He didn't help repair them, he swooped in like a vulture and picked at the bones until nothing was left! He tossed people from their jobs with great glee! He even said "I like firing people!" He is a cold, callous jerk! He should pay, and pay for more than just taxes; he should pay for the lives he ruined!
-4 # Innocent Victim 2012-04-13 18:47
Robert Reich's lecture on private equity tricksters was illuminating. I must admit that had I known at the outset that was its sponsor, I should have passed it up. Move-on is, in my view, a trickster, too! It poses as an independent, grass-roots, political organization. I think it is an adjunct of the Democratic Party, for which I have nothing but contempt. The Democratic Party is part of the corporate take-over of our government, its imperialism and its devastation of our democratic (small "d") institutions, such as the Bill of Rights.
0 # Peacedragon 2012-05-03 07:26
I just saw a video of the NYC parade. We will prevail.