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Palast reports: "Two years before the Deepwater Horizon blow-out in the Gulf of Mexico, another BP off-shore rig suffered a nearly identical blow-out, but BP concealed the first one from the US regulators and Congress."

Another BP Cover-Up

Greg Palast, Ecowatch

21 April 12 your social media marketing partner


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+4 # RMDC 2012-04-22 08:12
The Azeri police captain is right -- BP rules this country. It is the same all over the developing world. Oil companies run the governments. Shell runs Nigeria. Oil companies similarly run the US and UK.

This is why Hugo Chavez is so important to the world. And the same goes for the Iranian revolution. They are outside of the oil oligarchy. This fact underlies the US determination to go to war against Iran and Venezuela.
+2 # CoyoteMan50 2012-04-26 15:14
If you read the PNAC document Chavez is a target because Grover Norquist and his crowd want to use the US military to take over all the world's oil and gas fields.
It's in print there. Signed by mainly Republicans and some Right Leaning Democrats.
+7 # universlman 2012-04-22 15:21
Energy companies spend millions in cash to influence governments and public opinion. Companies like BP, the Tennessee Valley Authority and TEPCO are effectively setting national energy policy. In the US, our Government can not even officially recognize global warming except when it talks in code. There are certainly no policies in place even encouraging public awareness.

The energy companies have strangled the voice for alternative energy ideas or any educated public interest. Try to find any discussion of warming in their endless pompous TV ads. They strut token pictures of windmills and solar panels but promote burning fosil fuel through sincere sounding speaches by attractive actors. They dismiss their accountability for any negative affects of this policy as if thay are soothing worried children at bedtime.
+3 # CoyoteMan50 2012-04-26 15:11
Hey I worked with oil producers and I agree with all of this.
Big oil and gas brings truckloads of money to Wash. DC to bribe politicians.
That's a well known fact!
But if you listen to Republicans the oil drilling business is the safest on Earth.
Just take a look at that video of that abandoned oil soaked area along the Caspian Sea.
That's what at least 50% of the US will looklike in 10 years.
Good luck Suckers!
+2 # bluepilgrim 2012-04-27 13:04
How about that...
BP OIL SPILL AND THE GULF ECOSYSTEM: "Deformed Seafood". Officials Close Gulf Waters to Shrimping

by Stuart Smith

Global Research, April 26, 2012 m - 2012-04-23

Alarmed by widespread reports of visibly sick, deformed seafood coming out of the Gulf of Mexico, state officials have closed area waters to shrimping this morning (April 23). The waters will be closed indefinitely as scientists run tests in an effort to get a handle on a situation that is fast becoming a full-blown crisis on the Gulf Coast.

The closures – including all waters in the Mississippi Sound, Mobile Bay, areas of Bon Secour, Wolf Bay and Little Lagoon – mark the first official step in responding to increasingly urgent reports from fishermen and scientists of grotesquely disfigured seafood from Louisiana to the Florida panhandle.

The move is yet another major setback for the once-legendary Gulf seafood industry as it continues to struggle under the devastating impact of the BP oil spill, which began in April 2010.


Also see
THE GULF IS DYING: Two years After the BP Drilling Disaster, Gulf Residents Fear for the Future

by Jordan Flaherty
Global Research, April 27, 2012
Black Agenda Report - 2012-04-24
+3 # The Voice of Reason 2012-04-28 13:26
The glaring evil is that vehicles are designed to waste fuel in order to enrich the fuel sellers. The bigger cover up is why this never gets airplay, and why we never see even an inch of progress.

We should not have to pay for fuel. Oil companies could give it away for 10 years and still have their undeserved and inordinate wealth.

But if you want to go ahead on the premise that we must pay the blackmail, then don't expect it to ever get better.