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Dennis Kucinich and Lame Duck, He Might Soar Rather Than Wind Down

Written by Richard Kane   
Wednesday, 26 December 2012 06:47
Kucinich in his final vote which may be the fiscal cliff vote is toying with voting, “NO” and he might be the deciding vote.

Another “Peace Duck” is Bernie Sanders, more active than ever with only a few more days to serve,

Kucinich wants the Drone War the economic war against Iran and the military budget slashed. Might he end up with a lot of clout instead of his past role as often one voice crying out in the wilderness.

Cancer is a growth out of the control of a central body. Ominously the US military budget didn’t decrease when the Cold War ended. If it is beyond control of the President and Congress then it is cancer.

Barney Frank another peace duck is however he is less active than he used to be which is typical of most Lame Duck Representatives,

Then there is Ron Paul, although he is so far spending his last days in office since Christmas denouncing the NRA idea of armed guards in every school,

A group of 14 Libertarians and 14 left-leaning Democrats signed a call for Bipartisan Defense cuts

The Democrats are, Keith Ellison MN, Barbara Lee CA, Michael Honda, Jared Polis CO , James Moran VA , Barney Frank MA , Jerrold Nadler NY , Kurt Schrader OR, Edward Markey MA, Gwen Moore WI, Lynn Woolsey CA.The Republicans who insist on Defense Cuts are: Mick Mulvaney SC Tom Mctvancy CA , Morgan Griffith VA Justin Amash MI , Raul Labrador WI, Reid Ribble WI , Thomas Massie KT (NRA) 92%), Dan Benishek, Scott Garrett NJ. Walter Jones NC, also wants Defense Cuts along with Tim Huelskamp KS, and David Schweikert AZ, and according to Justin Asmash who along with them got kicked out of the Budget or Finance Committee for wanting Defense Cuts that Speaker John Boehner didn’t want. That is 32 representatives want Defense Cuts if only one third back Kucinich’s potential demand of no cliff solution without Defense Cuts it could be the tipping point for getting uncontrolled military spending back under legislative control.

As it stands now during the next two or more years there will be hyper-inflation, if so Obama’s suggested change in cost of living calculations for Social Security will be a major burden for the elderly, unless real cuts in overseas expense prevents hyper inflation. Then the US might not collapse into eventual bankruptcy after all.

Please readers if any of the above names are your reps please email them, The Congressional email sites is closed to non-constituents.

I would like to see a alternative impromptu budget shadow committee to work together to present a joint proposal.

Hurry possibly only to New Years Day to save America from eventual financial collapse. A better importunity may not come again. If one of these Reps are yours get on the phone and email them now for your support and urge them to do more.

For years Kucinich’s role was that of Moral Leader. At this moment the Lame Ducks have more clout and more freedom to maneuver than the rest. But a little constituent help can go a long way your social media marketing partner


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0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2012-12-27 15:23
See Dec 27, Fiscal Cliff: No Deal Better Than a Bad Deal
0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2012-12-29 18:20
See, Kucinich and Ron Paul can save the US economy from collapse and starvation in the next 26 hours
0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2013-01-01 12:03
Congress in special session New Years Day.

Barney Sanders voted yes on the New Years Day deal, Barney Frank is discussing Hagel not cliff, Ron Paul’s comments are on the long term,
Dennis Kucinich’s comments January 1,

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