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Libertarian Purge – An Invisible Witch-hunt

Written by Richard Kane   
Thursday, 13 December 2012 05:31
From the Salem Witch Hunts to Joe McCarthyism, one thing for sure, the victims knew it is happening. However Ron Paul was actually being praised by the Republican Party when the rules were suddenly changed to making in number of states that had to petition to put Ron Paul’s name into nomination, became one less than he had.

House Speaker John Boehner has mostly praise for Justin Amash, but suddenly he along with David Schweikert were, without notice, suddenly no longer on the Budget Committee, Tim Huelskamp and Walter Jones no longer on the Finance Committee. No criticism, almost like an old Soviet Union official portrait were one person’s image was carefully brushed out of the photo. The press uses the term Tea Party loss, but if we use that term we should talk of two Tea Party’s not one. Ron Paul represents one wing Get Tough Throw Away the Key advocates the other.

Justin Amish claims that the one thing all those purged of their committee assignments had in common was wanting to work with Democrats on cutting the Defense Budget,

Peace Action reported that those working the hardest to make concessions to avoid the financial cliff are those who want to preserve military spending. If the cliff or bath, or cold slower, happens the military budget would take a drastic cut, the first such cut in our lifetime.

Finally I got an email urging to email my Reps to protest the purge, it was from a group called Rand Pac which as usually for these kinds of appeals immediately asked for donations, but my Internet went down in the middle of filling out the form, not wanting to end up sending $20 not $10 I tried to contact them and was horrified to discover that Rand Pac has it out to shrilly condemn Joe Manchin who is also for cutting Defense Spending in an inconsistency way, he wants no cuts in domestic bases. In the past he has been amazingly successful and finding places where he actually got cuts and audits passed. In other words in protest of Justin Amish being purged I almost gave to a group that was out to make it harder for Amish and Manchin to work together to cut the military budget. And to try to prevent Rand Paul and Manchin to end up working together. Since the 2012 election is over, I think Rand Pac shrill ads now would only lead to policies that would lead to more military expense. It is true that Rand Paul made an almost crusade at cutting aid to Pakistan in response to to doctor who helped get bin Laden. If I was Pakistan I would tell the US that they would release that goon if he was granted US citizenship, so we could discover who he was. All the money the US poured into him, he couldn’t find the pennies to give kids their follow up booster shot. This kind of medical malpractice to save a few pennies, is like watering down emergency blood to sell to a commercial blood bank, almost a war crime.

Don’t get me wrong, there was nasty things in history that I think I approve of, and if working with a goon was the only way to find bin Laden then so be it. Winston Churchill to keep it secret from Hitler that he was reading their secret code, kept it a secret that Hitler, instead of endlessly bombing London, was going to attack the provinces instead leaving the citizens of Coventry sitting ducks. Pearl Harbor is more convoluted. If Japan ended up continuing their intended invasion of Hawaii then many more of the sailors stationed at Pearl Harbor would be dead or prisoners in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. Rand Pak also harps on the US ambassador killed. I don’t like US meddling in Libya, but many Libyans risked there lives storming the barracks of the al Qaeda tainted militia that killed our ambassador and several of their leaders who stood up to the militia were assassinated.

I could be wrong that this silent witch-hunt is unique, possibly carefully digging through history would show otherwise. But as things now stand, those who claim to be raising money to stop the purges are actually making the chains even tighter.

Left out of this article is now the left half of the peace movement is being pushed to change their tune from. ’Cut the Defense Budget First’ into ’Jobs Not War’,

Oldie but goody,

See what should have been titled, Lefties Must Defend Libertarians in THEIR Time of Crisis your social media marketing partner


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0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2012-12-15 01:10
Americans are sick and tired of war, they are incredulous when they see their own country going down the tubes while our preening politicians plot "regime change" in faraway lands, and they positively hate "foreign aid. So why – if the US is a "democracy," . . .

Click on the above link for names than if your rep. is not on it demand they join the letter asking for defense cuts.
0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2012-12-15 01:35
44 Representatives sign a letter proposing Defense cuts its bipartisan if you are in their district thank them. If not let’s demand our Reps sign a new letter joining them.

There is an excellent article in The Amash Rebellion I wish I had the authority to reprint the entire article here,

Americans are sick and tired of war, they are incredulous when they see their own country going down the tubes while our preening politicians plot "regime change" in faraway lands, and they positively hate "foreign aid. So why – if the US is a "democracy," . . .

Click on the above link for names than if your rep. is not on it demand they join the letter asking for defense cuts.

Also there is an effort afoot to fire House Speaker John Boehner urge your Rep. to pick a new speaker who were among the signers of the letter demanding Defense cuts.

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