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Your Crazy Life's Stresses - Ironically - Military Family Voices Helps to Mitigate

Written by Military Family Voices   
Friday, 19 October 2012 17:02
Here is a supreme Stress irony for you:
(if you are not already too stressed in life to read this through)

You Probably Know This:
Suicides in our returning and retired Military are at an all time high (about eighteen a day, 6570 per year). That is demoralizing, depressing and a horrific reality they face when doing that hard job to protect us all. We are proud of their service. They should not have to feel like this. They should not have to die like this. It is preventable.

You certainly know that Military Family Voices helps reduce the outrageous stresses that come with Military service from relentless separations and the brutal risks in harm’s way.

Reduction of stress with the reinforcement of supportive personal connections has never been more needed for our Military and frankly for us all. Following MFV as you do, you know that together we do this for them and their families. We work to preempt these dangerous and debilitating detachment stresses through keeping their connections clear and strong. This is unprecedented in their world and perhaps in yours as well.

You Probably Experience This:
It is pretty clear; you are busy from all sides and stretched to the limit. Everybody wants something of you and out of you, all the time, and that is incredibly stressful and taxing. You know that all that stress you have in your life is unhealthy. Stress takes years off of a life.

You May Not Know This:
What you may not know, and ironically so, and as periodically pointed out to us, is that helping MFV to help reduce our Military and their Families’ habitual stresses actually, and in a very real way, can reduce your own life's stresses. It seems counter-intuitive but sometimes the simplest thing of just observing a right, new, innovative thing helping others who put it all on the line for us actually and surprisingly helps us. When you learn about MFV, it may initially seem like it would be better to turn away and only focus on what is familiar to you; however, to at least peruse the web site could transform your world. In fact, very few things in life are transformative. Military Family Voices is one of those rarities.

The fact is, even if you do not have the financial ability to donate one dollar$ to MFV or introduce it to just one person who could care, MFV may help you. Getting on the MFV web site and listening to the testimonials or seeing the photos can actually reduce your own daily tensions. It’s true. It’s free, and we know that those of you who have not visited the web site may not believe it. Nevertheless, for your own health's sake, you might want to check it out. Everything else adds stress to your life; why not for once go in the opposite direction and look into something that reduces stress in others lives? Paying attention to something so unique as MFV and how it helps others might actually help you. There's a singular concept.

You May Agree With This:
Yes, paying attention to something progressive and different to help others can be very stressful; yet unusually, it is not the case with Military Family Voices. With MFV, the lives of those who protect us can be so fundamentally and positively effected by these recordings of their loved ones' voices that we are calmed by helping in such a lasting way. We think the positive difference comes from the reassurance that grows from each of us revisiting and being reminded of how much the voices of our loved ones really mean, have shaped us and how they can heal and comfort, if we do not lose them. We empathized, and it sooths us. Thinking about their voices' importance means they are less taken for granted, and that just feels good. That is simply less stressful. It’s a “cheap relax” because it costs you nothing but a moment of your stressed-out time. It is also centering and quieting for those who make the recordings possible and even for those who are just learning about the process. That is the extraordinary point.

You May Share This Experience:
Even for those of you who already regularly view the web site, there is some great new stuff there for you to see. You do not have to take our word for it. The "proof is in the pudding". Check it out and see. Then, de-stress-away! Share this stress relief with your world! They will not believe it at first either, but paying attention to Military Family Voices can change their lives.

Get involved. It could help you and will surly help everyone you touch!

Your breathing might slow.
Your blood pressure might go down.
Your eyes might ease.
You might sleep better.
You might forget about your deal.
Your grip on the chair might loosen.
You might feel a better world.
You might smile.

Simply from looking at MFV's web site? Sure.....

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0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2012-10-21 01:38
During World War II and before soldiers feared for their lives as they killed people. In the Korean War, Americans actually believed the lie that they were preventing their families back home from being enslaved. Casually sucking on a life saver in an air conditioned room with soft elevator music in one's ears as the joy stick one is operating rains death from the sky teaches one to be inhuman and makes one suicidal.
0 # ThankYouForPlaying 2012-10-22 01:20
RE: comment “RICHARDKANEpa” –World War II…”

No matter how we have been led or miss led in the past, for great good and collateral harm, respectively, it is still true that today threatening elements in this world would irreparably change our way of life, if our Military was not here to intimidate those pretenders to our lives.

Being clever or denying it does not erase the fact that fellow citizens risk everything to protect us. Rhetoric to the opposite does not diminish history and the clear thread that shows that our Armed Forces’ valor and sacrifices have changed our lives for the better.

Yet, to honor, help and stand by those who serve in our Armed Forces, protects those fellow citizens who serve, and that is a proper and meaningful thing to do for the health of the society in which we have the privilege to live.

We must evolve far enough to differentiate between horrible mistakes and blunders and the honorable, appreciated service of our Armed Forces and yes their families.

It helps and heals us to help and heal them, and anything we can do to reduce their stresses, is a welcomed, healthier step for our society than statements of continual criticism of a system that sends those fellow citizens and families into harms’ way. We must learn to separate the two thoughts and actions and apply them appropriately at the proper times. The former recognizes and appreciates the complexities and risks of standing up for our country. The latter is just stress!

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