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Military Family Voices is the Western Regional Winner - Best New Charity

Written by Military Family Voices   
Saturday, 13 October 2012 08:35
Military Family Voices – Because out of touch and sight is never out of mind.

Military Family Voices is the 2012 Western Regional Winner - Best New Charity for the National and International Classy Awards ( for the philanthropic and charitable communities.

Military Family Voices, MFV,, preserves the vivid voices of our United States Armed Forces and their Families in master quality audio recordings for their constant comfort downrange, at home and in perpetuity to fundamentally impact their wellbeing all their lives. The recordings trigger and reinforce deep memories, senses of personal connection and the security and the healthy grounding that the familiar, highly detailed nuances of their loved ones’ voices can uniquely stimulate.

These recordings help to preempt many of the debilitating and destructive stresses they experience from relentless separations and the brutalities of constant harms’ way. These potentially damaging stresses can seriously affect the Military and their Families now and for the rest of their lives.

The very thing they take for granted all their Military Lives, the voices of those they care deeply about, is the very thing that can protect them. These audio recording sessions, and their resultant recordings, are bonding experiences and help them to reinforce and revisit their personal connections no matter when and where they find themselves in the world. In this consistently reinforcing way, the recordings help them to remain healthier, less distracted, more attached and more functional.

These recordings are given free of cost to the Military by caring Civilians, Corporations, and Organizations who wish to honor our United States Armed Forces for their constant vigil and protection of all. These recordings form a meaningful, fundamental and lasting tribute to their sacrifices, risks and dedications.

Whether capturing the audio heartbeat or hiccups of an unborn child to send downrange to the father or the vivid voices of loved ones for helping to decompress when they need it, these recordings help all those who serve or have served, to reduce the cruel stresses intrinsic to Military service.

These special recordings can be game-changers in the fight to preempt the damaging, growing detachments that occur when Military separations and harm’s way foster dysfunctions, dangerous distractions and withdrawal from loved ones.

Military Family Voices is the embodiment of new, efficient, practical innovation to assist others in leading, unprecedented actions and to be all-inclusive to all who would honor and help our Armed Forces in these lasting, pervasive ways.

Audio testimonials can be heard at or on the MFV Audio Testimonial Phone Line: 512-703-8080.

Pure Audio – Pure Voice – Pure Honor

[Military Family Voices is a Federally registered 501 (c) (3) charitable entity] your social media marketing partner

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