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writing for godot


Written by Joinus   
Tuesday, 12 January 2021 03:17

Recent events make you wonder how an incompetent New York City celebrity real estate 'magnate' grifter became a b grade ‘fox tv star’ and then rose to  USA, Inc. President/CEO and most dangerous man in the world?  Hint: it wasn’t his personal ‘celebrity wealth’, stable genius, empathy or personal charisma which were never revealed by his pathological lying, clear dementia and failures in business, canceled tv shows, and losses in popular votes  (even failing to win the majority of votes in two of his oligarch patrons multibillion dollar funded and controlled national presidential elections), nor was it simply fate.

Current oligarch plutocratic institutions are simply structurally dysfunctional and unprepared for a world and nations under growing threats of pandemics, climate change, technology, population, pollution and wars.  The self images held by countries in their myths, laws and order, elements which rarely have touched reality, have extreme difficulty adapting to times requiring evolution of contemporary, yet archaic, legacy structures of political economic governance. In the past major stresses could be resolved by destructive wars and violent  conflicts which might temporarily remove inoperable, indigestible diseases of ailing states through drastic remedies of war which would kill millions, devastate empires and economies but could result in revivals of familiar oligarchic cultural paradigms for those states which remained intact.  However, as seers and sages have remarked over centuries: ‘The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history’.


While post conflict victorious societies might for a time use resources in the most efficient ways, having reached uncommon levels of efficiency and cooperation to win wars, such equilibrium would not be sustained as oligarchic influences renewed ancient insidious infections to transmit old viruses of corruption, self- interest and self serving lies repeatedly spread as wealth became more concentrated and populations were encouraged to become more atomized and unable to resist propaganda.  People were again convinced to believe in absurdities so that they would not hesitate to commit atrocities.

While this historic pattern has been fairly consistent, unconstrained modern technology has developed in such a manner it makes conflict more deadly to the point that if it is used to its fullest in mortal conflicts the world as we know it could be exterminated.  Add clearly foreseeable catastrophic climate change, glaring inequities in wealth in oligarchic self-proclaimed ‘advanced nations’ and the earth finds itself in a raving, disorienting new world of troubles which requires reasoned adjustments that will divorce men and their current institutions from mythical national images, rationales and motivations. But, even simple recognition of reality, let alone needed change, is vehemently denounced by the legacy institutional matrix because it entails replacement, reimagining and re-creation of ossified institutions, myths and agents that would make obsolete petty nations and their similarly petty, if tyrannical, oligarch ruling plutocracies. Indeed such reluctant nations and plutocrats prefer the current world to dry and die in incomprehensible upheavals rather than change themselves, hedging and delusionally hoping their obscene wealth will somehow protect and save them. This same delusion is also at the heart of their churlish, cultish clients/‘patriots’ who also astonishingly, and against their own best interests, believe the self-serving oligarchs will welcome gullible loyal thugs, whom they despise, and guide them to eternal gold and glory as the world goes silent and extinct around them.  It’s past time to get a grip on reality, dismiss lies, deny oligarchy, uphold democracy and rejoin the world. your social media marketing partner
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