The Republican Party's Latest Attacks On Our Voting Rights Is More Of A Reason To Vote

Written by jgsf1987   
Tuesday, 08 September 2020 11:29

There's nothing more emphatic to say than to go vote in November's election. However, we need to bear in mind that voting for the sake of voting is not enough of a reason to do so. We have all heard before that we need to vote as if our life depends/depended on it like a broken record in the past, but in 2020, that's actually the truth. The fact is this year's vote is one that our lives will really depend on as it is a real matter of life and death when deciding between Joe Biden and Donald Trump for president.

The factor to bear in mind this between them this year is whether we're going to have the opportunity to make that decision due to the Trump Administration and Republican Party's ongoing assaults on our voting rights. Our right to vote is the main staple of our civic traditions passed down to us by our elders, and the main way of making our voices heard. For Trump and the Republicans' push to go after this right we hold, despite its aggrivating brazenness, is a sign of their desperation to hold on to power at all costs. They know that they can not win a fairly contested election on their own platform, and because of that they are turning to cheating; cheating through taking away our ability to make our voices heard. We can and should not let them do this!

If you have Republican poll watchers come up to you asking if you have the right to be there, or telling you that you need to leave upon the consequence of arrest for not voting for Trump, do not under any circumstances answer them or comply with their "orders," as those actions are completely illegal. What they are doing is voter intimidation, which is a felony under federal law; they're doing this to prevent you from casting your vote. If someone attempts to do so to you, tell the poll workers immediately so that they can report such activity to law enforcement, or local department of elections. Anyone trying to intimidate you into not casting your ballot is doing so at the behest of the Republican National Committee, who is doing everything possible to minimize turnout so that Donald Trump is reelected by denying you your vote.

Trump and the Republicans are trying to set up a dictatorship in our names, which is not who we are. They're doing this to retrench themselves in power so that they can roll back the clock. If we go on to turn out and not fall for their intimidation campaign, we'll be able to put a stop to their campaign for good. your social media marketing partner
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