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writing for godot

Dear Mr. President

Written by Letta Simone Neely   
Saturday, 12 January 2013 10:49

Dear Mr. President,

First, I want to say Congratulations to you and to the rest of us in America because you clearly were the better choice for president of our United States. A wise person once told me, “Leadership is a support position.” It is pertinent advice I now pass on to you.

I am writing because when I cast my vote, I made a decision that we could not move forward in our relationship without you hearing my voice every now and then. You see, I know that you have helped the United States accomplish some magnificent things but I also know that you have faltered in some key areas. I, as an United States Citizen, have to take responsibility.

When you were elected, I cleaved to my citizenship for the first time with love. But I failed you because I assumed that you simply knew the right things to do and would do them. I did not participate in my citizenship with the vigor I’d summoned for years to berate the Bush clan for their wrongdoings. And so… I take responsibility for some of those woefully wrong turns, for some of those morally weak decisions to turn a blind eye and for some of those downright “a grandmother should have slapped you blind” actions you’ve taken because I did not speak up, brother. I did not speak up and I called it being in solidarity with a Black president.

That will not happen again. We are in this together, brother.

Now having said that….

When I read about the plans for your inauguration today, I made some assumptions so that my heart wouldn’t break. I hear you are planning on being sworn in on a bible used by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I smiled at the symbolism and the calling up of an ancestor to participate in this important ceremony. But then I read on and… I saw:

“Premium Partner Access and “Special Partner Access”
Granted to those who pay (though “donate” is the word you’ve misused) between
1 million and 10, 000 dollars.

My first thoughts on this are not fit for print. I doubt spell-check could keep up with the syllabics of the truly guttural, round the way, down the block, meet me on the corner I wanna fight you ebonic cuss out I delivered to your ears all the way from Boston. I felt like I got slapped by the holy ghost and was speaking in tongues to deliver a message. Did you get it? Could you decipher them groans, bruh?

Before my name gets highlighted on the anti-patriot roll call (again) Bruh Barack, my second thoughts were all about how you are a genius and how dare I second-guess your stealth talent for recovering reparations with such fashion-forward tactics. Forty acres and a mule indeed. And even more props to you for including late fees and accounting for the rising cost of living. You almost had me fooled too. But now I know you have a plan that supersedes Bullshit and Inaugural Parties that cost over 53 million dollars when most of us are living check to check.

Thinking about you laying your hand on Dr. King Jr’s bible reminds me that you’ve got a plan, that you are beyond the pomp and circumstance; that you plan to use that money to do the damn thing correctly. So Mr. President/ Brother Barack, I can’t wait to see all the well-fed and better-heeled (healed) and better-housed folks who will be smiling from this influx of money coming in just a few days.

Seriously Brother, do the right thing, ok?

I’ll talk to you soon,
Letta your social media marketing partner


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0 # 2013-01-13 19:14
O Letta, Honey, I thank you for your unfailingly big heart, rigorous discipline of loyalty and truth-telling, teaching me gentle delivery of rage. I'm praying for him and a miracle: that he can and will do a whole host of right things. It's not too late,....but almost.
Your sister, and his, Linda

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