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1 Where In The World Is William Barr? Carl Peterson
2 Will America double-down — learning nada from Trump failures? Robert S. Becker
3 Bolivia’s Future Bob Maschi
4 A touch of Americana, Philadelphia needs David Oh to stay in office RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
5 Will Trump Resign — Refuse Nomination, or Face Tar and Feathers? Robert S. Becker
6 I Was a Russian Asset and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt Philip Kraske
7 Rohn Kenyatta's '10 Questions' on Racsim: A Response Steven Jonas
8 Attorney General Bill Barr Says We'd Better Get Religion
9 African Geography Still a Work in Progress Finches
10 Why Professional Democrats Don't Know How To Fight Carl Peterson
11 9/11: The American Empire Begins its Final Phase Philip Kraske
12 Busted Deal with the Devil by Stooge Republicans Puts Senate in Play Robert S. Becker
13 Elizabeth Warren Is No Bernie Sanders Tom Herman
14 Trump debased his own primary, slurred party foes & stole the election. What! No #Me-Too 
GOP backlash? Robert S. Becker
15 The Rise of the Codgers - or, Casey Kasem saves the universe Zepp Jamieson
16 The Doctrine of White Supremacy --- and the Hoaxer Tucker Carlson Steven Jonas
17 The Memory Hole Begins to Back Up Carl Peterson
18 Trumped, by Himself? Steven Jonas
19 BERNIE--Because We Have to Win in 2020 Tom Herman
20 Spooked by Talk of Downturn, Trump Opts for Chaos
21 Has the Trump Stunt Lasted Long Enough? Robert S. Becker
22 How I Sneaked into the Democrats’ Debate Philip Kraske
23 A Brief History --- Xenophobia, Racism, and the Republican Party Steven Jonas
24 The Epstein-Barr Virus and Donald J. Trump Steven Jonas
25 A vocabulary for the Trump era Robert J Gaydos
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