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1 Trump Welches on the 'Iran Deal.' Why? sjtpm
2 21st Century Fascism: Trump Style sjtpm
3 Vatican Urges Transparency to Address Inequality and Prevent Financial Crisis Jubilee USA Network
5 Double Suckers Conned By Belligerent Stunts, Not Life Benefits Robert S. Becker
6 The Kochification of Time Magazine (That didn't take long!) Carl Peterson
7 Nutzis in the Noos: NRA goes North, rest of world goes South Zepp Jamieson
8 Team Trump: Arrogance as a virtue Robert J Gaydos
9 Democrats and Bolsheviks Mark Albertson
10 Unsubscribe Me, Please! Terry Sneller
11 EXCUSES: THE 11TH PLAGUE Jeffrey Moualim
12 Justice Democrats Challenge the Old Guard David Starr
13 Comics and Commies -- When the jokes are serious and the serious are jokes. Zepp Jamieson
14 Why You Need To Be a Democrat Tom Herman
15 For shame, America, for shame Robert J Gaydos
16 Play Ground Ethics, Moral Inconvenience Jeffrey Moualim
17 Dems File Suit -Trump can’t hide; he can’t even run Zepp Jamieson
18 IMF and World Bank Meet on 10-Year Anniversary of Financial Crisis Jubilee USA Network
19 Puerto Rico Should Cut Debt and Protect Poor Say Island Religious Leaders Jubilee USA Network
20 IMF World Economic Outlook Report Raises Concerns for Long-Term Growth Jubilee USA Network
21 Stormy Weather -- Trumping the Elements Zepp Jamieson
22 If Trump isn't the best Democratic Plant . . . Then What? Robert S. Becker
23 Parallel President controls the Republican Party, Duh! Carl Peterson
24 Why Ryan Quit Besides Going Home and Starving His Granny, That Is Zepp Jamieson
25 DON'T LOOK DOWN Jeffrey Moualim
26 The president is on the phone--he wants to know if he can have his Wall now Carl Peterson
27 Are Secret Actions of Mike Pence Repeatng An Infamous Betrayal of America? George Monroe
28 David Hogg is Teaching Us How to #ResistGracefully, Not Coming From a Place of Hate and Years of Pain Todd Telford
29 You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means Carl Peterson
30 Assault Rifle Regulations—A Modest Proposal ElaineDecker
31 Puerto Rico Governor and Oversight Board Spar on Fiscal Plan Jubilee USA Network
32 Dear America: What in the World Has HAPPENED to You? Thomas Magstadt
33 Countering Facebook Trolls ElaineDecker
34 COCONUTS & COCO PUFFS Jeffrey Moualim
35 Six Months After Maria, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Wait for Relief Jubilee USA Network
36 The Parallel President Carl Peterson
37 Caribbean Religious Leaders Call for Debt Relief in Face of Disasters Jubilee USA Network
38 The Biggest Scam: Trading Democracy For A New Strain of Fascism George Monroe
39 Debt, Corruption and Tax Policies Impact Poverty, Says Vatican at United Nations Jubilee USA Network
40 America in the World: Less a King than Odd-Man-Out Philip Kraske
41 New US Bills Introduced to Tackle Global Tax Avoidance and Corruption Jubilee USA Network
42 CNN and NYT Provide Cover for Private Servant/US Senator Marco Rubio Carl Peterson
43 Connect the dots: Women's time is now Robert J Gaydos
44 Interpreting a Private Servant Moonlighting as a Public Servant Carl Peterson
45 Free Verse for the Insane Carl Peterson
46 A Morning at the Office with Scotty Carl Peterson
47 Trump Remakes America in his Image Philip Kraske
48 Why We Need Permanent Security Clearances For Candidates For the White House jgeyman
49 Diktator Trump tom kando
50 19 more phantoms impede travel to Cuba Alvaro Fernandez
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