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1 Sorry Elizabeth. You Blew It wally jasper
2 A Fine Republic, If You Can Keep It Thomas Magstadt
3 Still Obsessed with Obama, Trump Tells a Whopper
4 Definitely Not the Last Word Paul mcconnell
5 Six Lessons to Live By in 2020 (Or, How to Restore Sanity in Politics) Thomas Magstadt
6 Trump Transactionalism Writ Large: The Soleimani Assassination and the Letter Steven Jonas
7 A Historian Reflects on the Return of Fascism
8 What's The Matter With America? Thomas Magstadt
9 Descent of a throwback blowhard, swiping at energy-smart wind turbines, toilets & light bulbs Robert S. Becker
10 Coup d'état – The Revolution Has Been Televised for Years Brian T Lynch
11 Carter Page and the Trump/Russia Connection - Revisited Steven Jonas
12 Dear Santa, Whole Lotta People Been Bad This Year Carl Peterson
13 Like Moses, hold back impeachment waves, Nancy Robert S. Becker
14 President Trump Authorizes Somalia Debt Relief Jubilee USA Network
15 The Trump 'Witch-hunt' and the Real Thing(s) Steven Jonas
16 What the Trumpublicans© Will Be Running on in 2020: 6 R's Plus 3 C's Steven Jonas
17 Trump's Strange Obsession: He Says Ukraine Did It
18 A Clinton Impeachment/Trump Impeachment Comparo Steven Jonas
19 Urgent! Impeachment should be delayed RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
20 How badly will Trump trash the GOP? Truly, ’Everything he touches dies.’ Robert S. Becker
21 How Biden Can Win the Presidency Tomorrow Sinclair Noe
22 Ukrainegate 13,000 Times Worse Than You Think
23 Where In The World Is William Barr? Carl Peterson
24 Will America double-down — learning nada from Trump failures? Robert S. Becker
25 Bolivia’s Future Bob Maschi
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