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1 Deputy Dawg Was Funnier Carl Peterson
2 The No Collusion Delusion (with a definition) Steven Jonas
3 IMF Warns of Global Financial Crisis Risk Jubilee USA Network
4 IMF Says Global Economy Faces a "Delicate Moment" Jubilee USA Network
5 Stumping for Beni - Trump disgraces himself, again Zepp Jamieson
7 “Best President” Now Really Deserves Mt. Rushmore Robert S. Becker
8 Katy Barr the Door* Steven Jonas
9 Into the Valley of Death Rode Mick Mulvaney Carl Peterson
10 Barr None - A-G’s efforts to subvert Mueller cause confusion Zepp Jamieson
11 Still Mandatory: Impeach the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy, not just Trump Robert S. Becker
12 It's Not About the Wall Steven Jonas
13 The Human Stockyard Carl Peterson
14 Pelosi: Impeach Trump Carol Wolman
15 Buildup of Privately Financed and Controlled Paramilitary Units: Implications for American Democracy George Monroe
16 Trump the Rogue Empire-buster Robert S. Becker
17 Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Fight Carl Peterson
18 Nothing To Be Done For It - Nancy wants to surrender and beat the traffic Zepp Jamieson
19 Elliot Engel must be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee. John Zwiebel
20 The Eye of Mordor is Upon Us James Heddle
21 Hair Trump or Herr Trump, Revisited Steven Jonas
22 AOC Should Announce for the Republican Nomination Philip Kraske
23 Presidential Candidates Should Telegraph VP Favorites Robert S. Becker
24 Kim & Cohen - Trump didn’t have a chance Zepp Jamieson
25 Gaetz and Poses - A government of gangsters Zepp Jamieson
26 I Know What I'm Doing Carl Peterson
27 First and Second Cuts on Dem Presidential Candidates David Bass
28 Establishment Pulls Out the Anti-Semitic Card Against Ilhan Omar David Starr
29 If Politics Presumes to Entertainment, Why Isn’t it More Entertaining? Robert S. Becker
30 Trumpenstag Fizzle - Even Coulter thinks he’s an idiot now Zepp Jamieson
31 False Alarm - Trump's State of Emergency Zepp Jamieson
32 How communism made some Miami Cubans rich Alvaro Fernandez
33 The Reichstag Fire, the "Border Crisis" and the Establishment of Dictatorship Steven Jonas
34 ‘Genius’ Shut-down Exposes Trump ‘Fix-ations’ Robert S. Becker
35 The Best Starting Place for Bipartisanship is Prescription Drug Prices David Bass
36 Gov. Northam: Don’t resign until Trump does Robert S. Becker
37 An Old Story: The Imperial Ambitions of the United States Against Venezuela David Starr
38 Is There a Slow-Motion Coup Underway? Steven Jonas
39 What the Koch Machine Is Up To Now Carl Peterson
40 Democratic Governments Are Forever Subject To Attack By Elites Obsessed With Subjugation And Control George Monroe
41 Opening Day - A Light at the End of a Cave Zepp Jamieson
42 Will the Shutdown Go 60 Days? Philip Kraske
44 Trump’s Perverse Exceptionalism: Hail to the Chief of Misrule Robert S. Becker
45 Down 0-63 After One Quarter - For Trump, only losing six yards on a play is doing good. Zepp Jamieson
46 Washington Post: I'm Waiting...Where Are the Pinocchios for Mitch McConnell's January 18, 2019 Op-Ed In Your Pages? Carl Peterson
47 PR Debt Cancel, Judge Reviews Cofina Debt Jubilee USA Network
48 Marco Rubio's Fight Against the 1st Amendment David Starr
49 President Chicken Little Goes Medieval, Channels Dead Presidents Robert S. Becker
50 Who's Afraid of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Carl Peterson
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