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1 How I Sneaked into the Democrats’ Debate Philip Kraske
2 A Brief History --- Xenophobia, Racism, and the Republican Party Steven Jonas
3 The Epstein-Barr Virus and Donald J. Trump Steven Jonas
4 A vocabulary for the Trump era Robert J Gaydos
5 Another F Word Carl Peterson
6 The Indispensable Bernie Sanders Tom Herman
7 Fascist Takeover of American intelligence and Secret Police Agencies May Already Be In Its Early Stages Carl Peterson
8 The Great Trump Contradiction: His Rogue Individualism vs. Choice-denying, Fascist Rhetoric Robert S. Becker
9 Book Review of ‘Blood on the Stone’ Sajjad Shaukat
10 Why do the Trumpublicans (tm) Stick with Trump, II? It's the Fascism Sign-on, Folks Steven Jonas
11 Against the Fall of Night: a review of American Carnage. Zepp Jamieson
12 Impeachment is not AN option – it is the ONLY option! Terry Sneller
13 Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló Resigns Jubilee USA Network
14 Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló Resigns Jubilee USA Network
15 Where Socialism Flourishes, Conservatives are Quiet David Bass
16 Donald Trump: Loser Steven Jonas
17 Did we lose WWII ? Robert L Vogel
18 Trump’s ‘Spiritual Adviser:’ A Match Made in Wealth Gospel Heaven Robert S. Becker
19 Trumpite Fascism: From Jan. 21, 2021: How the Nation Could Get There and a Brief Glimpse of What Would be Waiting for It Steven Jonas
20 Privatizing Our Public Lands and National Parks: An Assault on American Democracy George Monroe
21 Senate Bill Tackles Tax Evasion, Secrecy and Money Laundering Jubilee USA Network
22 Trump and the Trumpublicans (tm): 'Look, Over There!' Steven Jonas
23 Five Black Robes, Five Tiny Men, a Powder Keg Carl Peterson
24 Let House scrutiny re-brand Trump: Worst of the worst of crony capitalism Robert S. Becker
25 The Triumph of Capitalism and the Rise of the Radical Right Steven Jonas
26 And Something is Happening Here But You Don't Know What It is...Do You, Speaker Pelosi? Carl Peterson
27 Corporate Socialism versus democratic socialism
28 American Fascism's Two-Pronged Attack Carl Peterson
29 The Criminalization of Thought on "When Life Begins" Steven Jonas
30 Trump Guilty of Citizen Harassment
32 Trump Core Exposed: Lies & Insults ‘Tell it Like it is’ Robert S. Becker
33 Russia and China Discern Indian Participation in the Anti-China, Anti-Eurasia Groupings Sajjad Shaukat
34 Global Warming, Trump, and the Rapture Cult Carol Wolman
35 President Signs Disaster Aid Package with Billions in Relief For Puerto Rico, US States and Territories Jubilee USA Network
36 Research Indicates Computerized Election Theft Is Being Used To Destroy Our Democracy George Monroe
37 A Call to Arms: friends, voters, countrymen Robert S. Becker
38 Why do the Repubs. Stick with Trump? Steven Jonas
39 The Big Lie - How the Right Wing Controls Millions Zepp Jamieson
40 The Brexit Party And Nigel Farage :- The U.K Revolution Has Arrived Russell S.Wyllie
41 The President Controls the GOP (Gangrenous Old Party) Except When He Doesn't Carl Peterson
42 To impeach or not — is that the question? Robert S. Becker
43 The 2020 Census Is Rigged. The Supreme Court Is Poised to Okay It
44 Why Joe Biden Is Not a Safe Choice For 2020 Tom Herman
45 The Criminalization of Thought on "When Life Begins" Steven Jonas
46 Trump’s Erratic Scorecard: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Robert S. Becker
47 Franklin Graham, Mayor Buttigieg, and Religious Doctrine on Homosexuality Steven Jonas
48 Biden His Time - Trump’s gone fishing Zepp Jamieson
49 Declawed Special Prosecutor: A Mockery of Independence and Justice Robert S. Becker
50 Send in the Nazis Carl Peterson
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