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1 Trump on FUX TV touts long-shot, can’t-lose gambit: ‘how to overcome a rigged, corrupt election? Just Trump it.’ Robert S. Becker
2 The week everything went right Robert J Gaydos
3 Trump Quits (Could it Be?) Steven Jonas
4 Willful ignorance is no defense for denying the truth Robert Douglas
5 Great Mask Furor: Monkey Trials Redux. Faith Alone vs. Science & Reason Robert S. Becker
6 Tulsa Test for Science Denial and Racism Citizen Mike
7 Infectious Disease Science and D.J. Trump, Part 2 Steven Jonas
8 Are Trump and His Republican Party Simply Fascists? Leonard
9 Trump on FUX News: “What’s with the phony shock? Or loser, disloyal generals? When didn’t I bash agitators with shock & awe?” Robert S. Becker
10 Should We Still Be Calling America a Democracy? Leonard
11 G7 Finance Ministers Discuss Coronavirus Debt and Transparency Impacts for Developing Countries Jubilee USA Network
12 A Note to Wishful Thinking American Voters and The Media Leonard
13 The Lion Emerges From His Bunker Carl Peterson
14 First Came Interesting Times—Then Came the Mother of All Curses Thomas Magstadt
15 Infectious Disease Science and D.J. Trump, Part 1 Steven Jonas
16 Why vote for Biden? Simple: Trump Robert J Gaydos
17 Freedom: The Main Goal of a Democratic Government George Monroe
18 Trump's Magical Thinking Pt. 3: 'There Shall be No National Testing Program --- and the Virus Will Magically Go Away' Steven Jonas
19 A Spy, A Traitor, And A Candidate Thomas Magstadt
20 A bad winner, Trump will be a worse sore loser Robert S. Becker
21 Donald Trump, the Trumpidemic2020©, and His Magical Thinking, Part 2 Steven Jonas
22 Biden vs. Trump: Can his Back to the Future riff work for Joe? Robert Douglas
23 What the Hell Happened to Matt Taibbi? Carl Peterson
24 Loosening COVID-19 Restrictions in a Rural State Dependent on Tourism: Collateral Damage in Maine Judy Pasqualge
25 Is Trump “Authorizing” the Governors to Act on his Behalf in His Abdication of Responsibility and National Leadership? Leonard
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