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1 White House Announces Puerto Rico Disaster Relief on Hurricane Anniversary Jubilee USA Network
2 Trump, His Magical Thinking, and Bob Woodward Steven Jonas
3 Joe Biden Is God’s Chosen–Target for Revolt! Patrick Walker
4 Trump wants out – by losing the ‘rigged’ election, not by resignation, Senate conviction or frogmarched away Robert S. Becker
5 Finding Hope For Our Democracy Amidst The Current Chaos and Corruption George Monroe
6 Question: The Trumpidemic2020(C): What's in a Name? Steven Jonas
7 Finance Ministers and United Nations Discuss COVID Crisis Solutions Jubilee USA Network
8 “Shithole Election 2020”: Choosing the Lesser Tyranny Patrick Walker
9 Why I Will Not Vote for Biden mashiguo
10 Greenwald’s Bombshell, the GND, and Democrat Extortion Patrick Walker
11 Fascism, the U.S. Ruling Class, and Trump Steven Jonas
12 The Fed and Central Banks Seek Cure for COVID-hit Economy Jubilee USA Network
13 The Staff of Satyagraha: A Movement of Movements Patrick Walker
14 The Lesser of Two Evils Fallacy Carl Peterson
15 Battling Economic Crises, Tropical Storm Laura Slams Haiti and Dominican Republic Jubilee USA Network
16 How Do You Spell 'Democratic Party' in 2020? Without the Letters C-L-I-N-T-O-N in the Name Steven Jonas
17 The New Satyagraha: Progressives’ Leverage under LOTE Patrick Walker
18 Social Security Maneuvers and Pandemic Responses Reveal Massive Theft George Monroe
19 The Stock Market is Not the Economy: With Notes on Trump’s Economic Performance Leonard
20 World Bank Says Bold Debt Relief Plans Needed to Confront COVID Crisis Jubilee USA Network
21 G7 Calls for More Debt Relief to Confront COVID-19 Crisis Jubilee USA Network
22 Reactionaries in Ragged Retreat: A Wingnut Brew of Bottom-dwellers Robert S. Becker
23 The News Media Needs to Get Its Programming Together or We Will All Be Saluting Trump in January 2021 Leonard
24 The States Will Need More Locations and a Volunteer “Vote Corp” ASAP to Help with Ballot Distribution and Collection to Guarantee a Fair 2020 Election Leonard
25 Facing Glenn Greenwald’s Daunting Challenge: Leverage under LOTE Patrick Walker
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