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writing for godot


Written by Nirmalan   
Monday, 17 October 2011 20:24
Your courage and your commitment are commendable, but your objectives are far from clear. You appear to be concerned with the restructuring of your own American Economy in a way that enables a more equitable distribution of income…in other words you want a larger share of the American pie than you have been able to grab so far.
That is what it looks like to me from out here on the other side of Earth and I find this both selfish and disappointing.

I see very clearly that the vision and values on which the currently dominant global civilization are based are the vision and values of your “American Dream” where everyone has a nice American style house with a yard and swimming pool and pet dog or two, at least one and probably more nice American style motor vehicles to ride to work in, a nice American style television and multi media set up, a refrigerator, electric cooker, airconditioning system, a computer or more in every home, a college education and a job that pays money that has real purchasing power not just in America but all over Earth, the surplus to take a holiday every year and so many more of these “nice” things.

I also see very clearly that if all of us were to have these nice things that you take for your objective, the energy used to create them and to operate them would send such a great cloud of poisonous gases and carbon into Earth’s atmosphere that many of us and you would be poisoned and the rising temperature would soon roast us as well as all living things on Earth, alive.

So while I wish all of you well in your attempts to grab more of the American pie for yourselves and as you invite the Europeans and the British to grab more of their respective European and British pies for themselves I would like to remind you that for me out here on the other side of Earth the priorities for the whole human species and for Earth herself look very different.

My primary concern is that the currently dominant global civilization that you have brought about through the obsessive generation of desires and the compulsive search for their satisfaction through the consumption of our universal environment has led to Rapid Resource Depletion(RRD), Pollution and Global Climate Change(P&GCC), Global Monetary Collapse(GMC) and the astonishingly incredible and utterly naïve Growth Model of Development(GMD) and have reached the point where they threaten all life on Earth.

To me it seems as though your current concern and consequent agitation arises from the impact of Global Monetary Collapse(GMC) which is a consequence of the currently dominant Global civilization that you have built and which you recommend to us all. This is only one of the weak points of this civilization but it is not the worst by far. The impact of Pollution and Global Climate Change(P&GCC) is poised to hit us all at any moment in ways that we cannot even imagine at the present moment and when it does neither your bankers nor your government will have a clue as to how to respond. Rapid Resource Depletion will make it very difficult to maintain the technologies that are required to support the global human population and make it impossible to bring about changes in these technologies that are required to contain pollution and to make them sustainable.

Finally to cap it all it seems absolutely crazy to continue to follow the Growth Model of Development if it is based on non renewable resources, as indeed it is.

Now I have no wish to be wicked or nasty, but it seems to me that busting the banks and beating up the bankers and vilifying the rich are simply not going to solve this situation we have created. We need to generate a new civilization that is sustainable and that has a clear and meaningful objective like for instance “the facilitation of life’s evolution through and beyond human being and its universal spread” instead of merely generating desires and seeking their satisfaction through the consumption of our universal environment.

We will need the best of our thinkers, and the most creative of our technically qualified people to accomplish this task, and yes, while money continues to have value we may have to persuade the super rich to invest in the work that has to be done and we may need bankers around to manage these mega investments until money loses its meaning and gives way to other ways of resource management.

I am sorry if I have been boring or if I have disturbed the fiery mettle that you have primed for the battle for a bigger share of your pie, but this is what I see from the other side of Earth and I think you would do well to pay it some attention. your social media marketing partner

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