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Biden's Special Challenge: The Deadly White Supremacy Doctrine

Written by George Monroe   
Monday, 17 May 2021 01:17

The hidden story underlying the “winner take all” politics practiced by Donald Trump and other power-hungry racists is so extreme and terrible that most of us can’t bear to acknowledge it, although we know a lot about its malignant history.

The reluctance of Trump and his minions to acknowledge the alarming realities of the COVID-19 Pandemic and move quickly to prevent the hard suffering and loss of lives is quite understandable given their real values and covert aims. Doing what many of us believed was morally called for under the circumstances simply would be counter-productive to their hidden commitment to eliminating people they had decided were of lesser value than themselves.

A new four-part docuseries series, entitled Exterminate All the Brutes, based on the content of a book by Swedish author Sven Lindqvist and produced by Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck, provides an agonizing journey through time with visual images of the darkest hours of human relations around the world. The four episodes document and explain the white supremacy doctrine with its conquest, genocide, and the myths used to justify torture and killing certain people in its name. Exterminate All the Brutes is now available on HBO Max and streaming plans of HULU. It provides a profound message for all of us in America about the genocide and racial injustice purposely embedded in the history of our human relations, that the oligarchs in our midst want to reactivate.

The loss of lives, property, and personal power that European white supremacists forced on the “brutes” in colonizing outgunned indigenous societies around the world was beyond hellish and eventually resulted in violent uprisings. Likewise, the treatment of the peasant classes they controlled at home were unbearable and did cause bloody rebellions. Some of them, like the French and Russian Revolutions were able to resist for a troublesome time but with no clear ideas on how to establish a better governing arrangement; the “winners” soon fell prey to business as usual. The American Revolution was the only one in the world able to change the pattern to a new arrangement that was successful in creating a viable alternative.

Our founding fathers were not perfect. They were already engaged in business enterprises achieved by seizing land, enslaving indigenous people, forcing indentured servitude, and treating women as property. They came to realize these practices were not morally defensible and attempted to create a new form of government that would redress these egregious wrongs. The result was a plan so very different and mindful of the tenets of freedom and humanitarian values  that the struggling government of France commissioned the Statue of Liberty and gifted it to America in grateful recognition. Their plan was not perfect, but it was truly inspired and meant to evolve as people worked with it and learned how to make it better.

When Hitler took control of Germany in the late 1930’s many Germans, especially those who had been active in a military service soundly defeated by allied forces in World War I, were feeling angry and cheated. Hitler fed their anger and desire to recover what they had lost. With fiery oratory at spectacular rallies he promised to recoup their loss and make Germany great again. He told them the way to make this happen was for the true Germans (white supremacists) to exterminate the Jews (brutes) so that the pure-blood German people could claim their rightful place as the Master Race. The terrible holocaust that Hitler and his followers created was an outgrowth of a common European mindset.

The fact that Raoul Peck’s film on white supremacy exists and is now available for public viewing shows that something profound about the world is changing. The visual documentation of 500 years of racism and brutal genocide is often difficult   to watch but sets the stage for considering that we now have real opportunities. to advance the evolution of mankind guided by life positive moral imperatives.

White supremacists have similarly exploited the working class in America. At the hands of career politicians loyal only to an elite master plan, they have been left behind by years of “trickle-down” economics and other suppressive trickery.  Watching our infrastructure crumble and good jobs disappear overseas, the disenfranchised longed for a reason to believe that America could be “great again.”  Trump purposely fired up their anger against Washington and promised to “drain the swamp” while stealthily dismantling the only thing protecting their rights and needs: our democratic government. Little did they know that Trump had no real interest in their concerns and intended only to manipulate them while making himself and his friends richer at the expense of the loyal “brutes” who put him in office.

Biden is already speaking out and moving in ways to correct the faults in our democratic republic. He is in position to kick-start and nurture a creative renaissance of building and development of, by, and for (all) of the people. Patriotic progressives and true conservatives are both essential to the inclusive growth processes that he must lead.

Voters tend to cast their ballots for people and programs that they feel are most closely aligned with their perceived needs. Food, shelter, medical care, decent wages, and opportunity for career advancement are things that easily get their attention. However, the feeling of inclusion within a valued group identified with a powerful leader will often override these desires.  Although a powerful and charismatic leader may lie, cheat, steal, and ignore recorded commitments, claiming to understand and protect the loyal members of a group against feared maltreatment by others will win their votes. Truth and logic will count much less than the feeling of belonging.

It is not necessary to bring everyone on board to prevail and protect our inclusive government. There will be real opportunities for everyone who wants to join in and help create a new era of creative growth and development, as Biden’s plans for rebuilding America’s infrastructure are realized.  There will be some who can’t change their way of thinking and commit to inclusive democracy.  Even so, their human rights should be protected and the opportunity for personal inclusion should be an open offer within the established rules of law. your social media marketing partner
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