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writing for godot


Written by Joinus   
Wednesday, 25 November 2020 06:03

As most have noted over centuries of 'Republicrats' elections, corruption is a notable constant of oligarchy institutional order orchestrated through 'contested elections' that oligarchy candidates and parties promote as examples of democracy.  It is regularly used in sham political circuses to disparage, discredit, defame and distract by nominal rivals/opponents for public power, wealth and oligarchy institutional media celebrity. The oligarchy playbook has specialized in hiding its destructive failings by dividing and conquering possible opposition coalitions and parties by having its political surrogates, different sides of the same debased coin, alternate in the roles of failed corrupt, racketeer politician when in power and crusading reformist when in opposition by damning the consistent and predictable corruption, disasters and depredations of its nominally controlling counterpart/antagonist/co-conspirator which may hold nominal power.

It is the sense of 'truthism' that colors all oligarchy organized media public discourse/propaganda; a choice between bad or worse with the evident only certainty that oligarchy will remain dominant as plagues, famine, economic busts and wars go unchecked while oligarchy riches apparently scale new heights as it preys upon the fractured societies for which it ostentatiously, disingenuously and shamelessly prays in acts of benign, if trite and mocking, generosity, charity and public largesse which effectively mask its indifference, neglect and reckless harm to mankind; violent brutality clothed in banality.

Corruption is common and universal.  In fact, it is protected, sought and embraced by whoever attains and exercises it.  It is practiced by beloved comic actresses in acts of maternal devotion bribing complicit 'prestigious ' institutions of 'power learning' as well as princes of Church, state and corporate kingdoms engaging in more exotic forms of personal and public abuse.  It is condemned by all but disregarded by most, thanks to synaptic remnants of our chimp-like instinctive, unthinking automatic responses to choice or circumstance.

Who can cavil against another's success, however gained, since it is at the heart of us all; to be free to do whatever we want, with no constraint or rebuke, only riches, acclaim, worship and wondrous envy accrues in this best, if corrupt, of all possible worlds, one's own private paradise.  To the question of cui bono traditional oligarchy argument finds the fault is in our fate which we can only accept and never change, the inertia of divine blessing or natural evolution which deprives us of will, knowledge and curiosity to find better ways to live and thrive.  We can only mindlessly strive to push the rock of oligarchy uphill, accepting it will roll back when we near the top to leave us as it always has been.  No future, only endless pasts to be repeated as years, tragedies, triumphs and trials roll down on us, mocking our mad hopes for better worlds and times.  But now, however blind, stupid, gullible or misled we may be, the rock of oligarchy as it again tumbles down can crush both us and its foolish boasts to lifeless atoms and myths.

Reality is the greatest stress in life, for those in contact with it.  Behind every great fortune, good or ill, there is a great crime.  Time to rise again but now to push the rock of oligarchy over the cliff to find a better world or fail again and resign to be Sisyphus/Godot in seemingly endless  uncertainty, disappointment, disgrace and despair in a drying, dying but now potentially finite world of oligarch delusion. your social media marketing partner
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