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An Abortion Hot-Line Resembling Suicide Hot-Lines Needed

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Sunday, 15 November 2020 13:28

Before Suicide Hot-lines, suicide was was condemned as immoral, shameful and with warnings that one could be punished in the afterlife. Now today’s suicide hot-lines encourage a will to live and try to offer changes that will make someones life more bearable.

Many including myself believe unborn babies at risk should be helped like new borns facing danger whether from parents or elsewhere. Before Christianity in many places, new borns faced danger from more than a few parents especially newly born little girls.

Like used to happen with suicide, abortion was condemned, and pro-lifers often want women to have to hear a heart beat instead of such offers such as financial help for two newly pregnant single women to share an apartment together. Some face a situation where abortion seems the best of the grim choices available, and pro-life organizations infrequently broadcast financial help, but more often gruesome knowledge and pictures. More secure, food-stamps, childcare and more opportunities for pregnant women to meet and/or converse would make choosing life more attractive.

To me it is scary that so many voted for Trump hoping to overturn Row vs Wade in order to allow abortion to be outlawed in some places, where with guns people, will just travel to another state to obtain them. Many voted for Republican Senators to prevent packing the Supreme Court. Now all eyes are on Georgia Special elections, although Joe Manikin Democrat of West Virginia would never vote yes, and Biden made clear he won’t push to pack the court.

If a woman is attached to an unwelcome guest for eight more months it would be at best more and more uncomfortable experience, improving the situation would encourage many to choose life.

Joe Biden in 2006 said, “I think it’s always a tragedy. I think it should be rare and safe,”

I doubt if it could be rare any time soon, but a positive hot-line would slow it down and lead to Democrats winning the two Georgia special elections and instead of gridlock, solutions for our coronavirus and economic problems. Maybe the Pope's warm welcome of Biden involves more hope then many realize


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