Why I Will Not Vote for Biden

Written by mashiguo   
Monday, 07 September 2020 11:05

I just had this conversation with a friend for four hours last night. She won't vote for Biden either (nor will her partner). I go further, though - i see 4 years of an incompetent Trump bungling through a series of random acts as much less dangerous than 12 years of Biden Harris competently dismembering and destroying with a smile what little is left of US.

In fact I see much of the anti Trump propaganda as being flat out lies thinly veiled to hide the actual value of his presidency.

-In contrast to "democracy will die if Trump is re-elected" I point to 2016 where the only democratic act of the entire election cycle was the nomination of Trump.  Nothing else about the cycle had anything to do with democracy in any way.  Nothing about the democrat primary can be considered democratic since it was contaminated by a priori meddling from so-called super delegates. Needless to reiterate, the Electoral College was instituted solely for the purpose of denying any validity to the popular vote.

As for Trump's policies:

-Breaking of the TPP was actually a great achievement. TPP would have made every country in the agreement subject to corporate greed. Taxpayers would be liable for lost profits in the billions for any imagined damage caused by countries favoring their environments over corporate greed. These damages would have been decided outside national courts by panels unconcerned with national status.

-Trump has successfully lessened the American people's sufferings using executive action to suspend evictions and extend unemployment while the 'resistant' congress is on vacation, fiddling while Americans crumble under the weight of legislative inactivity.

- Trump decreased the global American military footprint in Iraq and Syria.  The only reason he did not do so in Afghanistan was because congress froze funds for that purpose. Hooray for the resistance?

- Trump is not the fascist, US is the fascist.  The patriot act, the suspension of habeas corpus, the extraordinary rendition, drone strikes with tens to hundreds more civilians killed than actual targets achieved, the extra judicial execution of citizens are all characteristics of previous administrations.  Next to them Trump is an infantile narcissist throwing a temper tantrum and stomping his feet.

What has Biden got to offer?  "I am more decent than Trump"? while being part of the administrations that did all those things? voting for the wars? Biden the proud racist who denounced busing with "Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a ... racial jungle" Biden the author of the crime bill which did "everything except hang people for jaywalking" and which created the prison industrial complex? Biden who argues today that the way to stop BLM is by shooting people in the legs instead of in the abdomen? Biden who wants to gut social security and medicare? Biden who openly states that "nothing will fundamentally change" under a Biden presidency?  Biden who has nothing to say about policy other than that he is nicer than Trump? Biden who energetically supported every illegal war US was involved in?  (Has anyone noticed how often CIA-instigated conflicts seem to magically materialize in the first year of every new president's term? Anyone want to lay bets on who Biden would be invading in 2021?).

In reality, this should be the easiest election in American history to be won. What American citizens want is abundantly clear from multiple polls. The fact that no candidate is visible who chooses to win it based on implementing those policies has a lot to say about US.  It's not that there is no such candidate, there were plenty.  But they were all covered over and encased in a web of silence and lies, which was willfully and effortlessly embraced by the American public in their short sighted self satisfied embrace of the manufactured delusions that brought us to this point in history. This web of lies and smears was largely perpetrated by the Democrat party itself which handed us Biden.  That should be rewarded?

So be it. Let American Democracy rot and die in a flurry of faux decency.  But not with my help.  No Biden, no way, no how, never.  Period.


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