Social Security Maneuvers and Pandemic Responses Reveal Massive Theft

Written by George Monroe   
Wednesday, 19 August 2020 19:47

Monies that we pay into the United States Treasury actually belong to us. They are put there to provide for the needs of the members of our American Society.  We have established laws and rules for its use, legislated and monitored by an elected Congress of citizens that represent us.  Any use of these monies outside of this process is illegal and constitutes unwarranted theft.

The U.S. Treasury is not the property of the government. The government exists to manage the affairs of the people, including their Treasury. The government is legally charged to do this as effectively as possible on behalf of the taxpayers who established it. It is obvious that President Trump and his backers now consider the contents of the Treasury to be exclusively theirs.  As winners of an election, they believe that their victory gives them the right to exclusive use of any money in the Treasury, and any income from the lease or sale of our government-managed properties, as the rightful spoils of their triumph. They have already emptied our Treasury and left us with enormous debt in place of the money. They are chomping at the bit to do the same with our Social Security Trust Fund as soon as Trump is elected to a second term and grabs the “biggest ever” brass ring he covets. Beyond those two examples of wanton thievery, there is an even bigger bonanza waiting for him and his elite support group.  All of the properties that belong to us and are currently operating under the management of our elected Congress, e.g. protected lands, parks, service buildings, vehicles, licenses, highways, equipment, furniture, and military hardware will be available for him to sell to the highest bidders.

In recent media announcements Trump has cut Social Security payroll deductions and vows that he will totally eliminate the Social Security Program as a wasteful drain on the Treasury as soon as he is re-elected. In fact, whether this is another lie or just plain ignorance about how the Social Security Program works, it exposes his desire to distribute the monies we have paid into the Social Security Trust Fund to friends and supporters when he gains the power to do so.

Protection of life and treasure in Pandemic circumstances is a very important benefit that the citizens in a democracy pay (taxes) for and expect to receive when it is needed. Economic stimulus payments are a crucial part of that insurance plan. Properly applied, they enable the people (99%) to continue working, staying healthy, caring for their children, and contributing to a truly vibrant economic recovery. The current practices of the Trump Administration belie a hidden agenda to selectively distribute our tax monies to their close friends and loyal capitalist looters rather than use it for healing purposes.

A few more months of this kind of thievery will put them in a position to bankrupt most of the country and confiscate everything of value: houses, land, parks, bank accounts, medical care, personal freedoms, justice, and, most importantly, the rule of law.

The fundamental plan of the Trump Administration and the elites (1%) that support it is for the complete elimination of our democracy and its co-operative benefits. This is well documented in two books that provide the truth about the plan and its potentially devastating effects.

The basic tenets of the plan were discovered by Nancy MacLean, Professor of History and Public Policy at Duke University, when she inadvertently gained access to original ideas and writings of extreme right-wing economist James Buchanan in his personal office files unwittingly stored in a semi-abandoned campus warehouse after his death. MacLean shared her groundbreaking discoveries in an exceptional book entitled, Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America. This book, grounded in meticulous research, provides the best original resource of information for understanding and counteracting the stealthy efforts to take down our democracy and replace it with a fascist Plutocracy. Her work provides the keystone for saving our democracy from the salivating capitalist predators who persistently stalk its treasure and power, currently with Trump as their front man.

A truly unusual “hot off the press” book pulls together all of the evidence offered by Professor MacLean and other prominent authors to provide a comprehensive view of what is now known and supported by researchers of the truth. Daniel C. Neuman (writer) and George O’Connor (artist) have created a timely volume that illustrates in cartoon assisted format the accumulated truths about the rising oligarchs and their plan to destroy democracies. For a unique reading experience that will profoundly raise your level of awareness and get you ready to take action, make a few trips through their book, entitled: Unrig: How To Fix Our Broken Democracy..

If you have paid taxes into our Treasury and made payments through payroll deductions into our Social Security Trust Fund, you owe it to the country and to yourself to understand what is happening to the money. Reading these books will give you the straight truth without partisan tinkering.  As James Baldwin once wrote, “nothing can be changed until it is faced.” Reading Democracy in Chains will give you the awareness to face the impending disaster of Trump’s re-election. Reading Unrig will show you that the level of public awareness is rapidly expanding  and how you can actively help grow it for securely electing a democratic slate by working with others via one of the many organized grass roots efforts like INDIVISIBLE, Common Cause,  ACLU People Power, and The Trust for Public Land. Find one that suits you and get going!! your social media marketing partner
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