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Beyond His Blinding Deceptions Trump Is Going For The Big Brass Ring

Written by George Monroe   
Monday, 20 July 2020 07:05

Trump is actually winning! He is the leader of a small group of wealthy oligarchs whose goals are steadily being met. His reality-show talents are being employed in the service of the group (the 1%) who are financing the purchase and control of government officials, from Senators to Judges who are committed to dismantling our democracy. Backed by loyal minions like Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, Devin Nunes, Tom Cotton, and Lindsey Graham, Trump is steadily gaining in small legislative and fund-cutting victories. With the help of the National Rifle Association (NRA) he has enabled an unprecedented infusion of combat-level weapons into the hands of his angry supporters. He is quietly maneuvering battle-ready units of military might into positions that are under his exclusive control. Add up all of these little scores plus prolific cheating at the polls and the sum total will be just enough to get him re-elected.

Trump and his supporters are secretly committed to a plan for replacing democracies with elite controlled plutocracies based on the writings of extreme right-wing economist James Buchanan and strongly promoted by wealthy industrialist Charles Koch. The actual plan was developed by Professor Milton Friedman with Buchanan’s guidance and its effects were live “researched” in distressed countries around the world.  In every case the result was extreme concentration of wealth in the hands of a few and disaster for the rest. Eventually Friedman and Buchanan came to realize during their research that people who enjoy the benefits of living in a democracy will not freely go along with the changes required by the plan. They decided that if re-education doesn’t work, torture should be tried. If the results of torture are insufficient, the hard-core resisters must be eliminated. When the plan was tried in Chile, S.A., dictator Augusto Pinochet found it necessary to “disappear” more than 30,000 resisters. Many of them were dumped out of airplanes flying over the ocean, while they were alive. The details of these terrible killings in the name of progress are laid bare in Naomi Klein’s powerful and prophetic 2008 book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.

The basic tenets of the takeover plan were discovered by Nancy MacLean, Professor of History and Public Policy at Duke University, when she inadvertently gained access to the original ideas and writings of Buchanan in his personal files that were stored in a semi-abandoned campus warehouse after his death. To share her disturbing discoveries, she wrote a powerful book entitled, Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America.

How does Trump continue to win with these damning revelations in books and other media now available to the public? He skillfully and persistently applies the principles of propaganda used by the Nazi Third Reich that he is emulating, e.g., lying, deception, payoffs, reframing, ignoring, and fake media maneuvers. He counts on ignorance, preoccupation, lethargy, and gaslighting to induce a kind of blindness that renders people unable to believe what they see. By the time an aroused public generates enough coordinated power to stop him from taking over, he believes he will be sitting on his new throne and watching “the grandest Military Parade ever” in his honor, all paid for from funds we put into in our treasury that will be his when he is the invincible winner and claims the world’s biggest and brightest brass ring.

Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic has inconvenienced Trump and his supporters but it has not stopped his steady incremental winning. Delays in meeting the needs of ailing victims and protection of medical workers made it seem that he was grossly inept. All the while he was actually using the resulting anger and chaos to cover his covert actions and make even more gains in terms of his real agenda: total and complete elimination of all government services for the unworthy (99%).

Far from simply being late to act decisively out of ignorance and stunned confusion, his glaring “failures” were steadily racking up small wins in the real game being played behind the scenes. Conveniently, those dying with the virus were mainly from two segments of the population who would most likely be voting against him: people of color and the elderly. Thus, the COVID-19 Pandemic is saving Trump and his devious supporters from the politically untenable business of having to eliminate many of the people who would be in the way. These do-nothing wins also allow him and his team to avoid spending funds that they want to keep and manage for their personal interests and promoting their secret takeover agenda.

Despite the steadily accumulating incremental wins by Trump and his billionaire supporters there is still hope. A large contingent of the affected others (99%) is learning the truth about the real (rigged) game and taking action to protest in numbers too big to put down. Media outlets from printed publications to focused TV shows are helping them expose the truth and hold the cheaters accountable. For example, a timely new book, using a cartoon style format to expose what is going wrong, illustrates ways to stop the destruction, and propose ways to rebuild our ailing democracy has just been published. If enough informed people actively work together and exercise the options that are offered in this book, the numbers say that Trump’s accumulated “wins” can be capped out and sent to the boneyard of mortified also-rans.  Buy and read (with a highlighter handy) Unrig: How to fix our BROKEN DEMOCRACY by Daniel C. Neuman, writer and George O’Connor, artist.






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