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writing for godot

Liberals: Free Speech is Great, but Let's Get Back to Normal

Written by Philip Kraske   
Saturday, 18 July 2020 18:32

Everything's going to be fine and dandy,
We'll all get back to our good wine and brandy,
Protests will fade and and this racism stuff
Will all disappear in an impatient huff,
And the statues, okay, some did need a change,
Jefferson's, though, that's a tad derange'.

It's been a great exercise to build one's cred
On racism and issues that needed retread,
And everyone shouted and tweeted a storm,
Signed letters in Harper's that ripped the new norm
Of censoring voices that do new trends critique:
There's nothing like a throaty liberal shriek.

So now that that's done, let's get back to the game,
Of making good money and keeping things tame:
9-11 Truthers or those who hate banksters,
Will ride second-class behind media gangsters,
Or if you think blacks should receive recompense,
Find some backwater to unload your pretense.

'Cause enough is enough, like more than enough,
Put statues for blacks and be done with this stuff,
Before folks crusade to raise tax and to cut
Aid to arms makers and execs in a rut,
Or to Israel in its fight to survive
The Palestine crew with their nationhood jive.

Sure, free speech is great but in moderation,
You don't want to rock the boat of the nation.
Let the people vent and put up with their griefs,
And stay max-respectful of others' beliefs.
The important thing now is to get a vaccine,
Ditch the Blond Wonder and get back our cool sheen. your social media marketing partner
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