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After the Democratic Establishment Shake-up of the 2020 Primary, They Need a New Strategy--Now!

Written by Leonard   
Sunday, 08 March 2020 08:20

The current US primary system doesn’t seem to work very well for a diverse political Party or their voters.

1) we debate too long (2-3years?), 2) the system supports band-wagoning, 3) the system doesn’t represent one person-one vote democracy and 4) the system is too dependent on “big” fund raising... and, 5) the order of the state primaries has too much influence on the outcomes.

In spite of the fact that Joe Biden actually had a small organization and did very little in the last few months to win the South Carolina primary, (and then the Super Tuesday primaries), the Democratic establishment got organized and in less than a week, was able to re-write a likely losing script for the 2020 election:  the Democrats in the Republican South help nominate Biden over Sanders; then the South votes for Trump as in 2016; then the unfair electoral college favors Trump over Biden and we have a repeat of 2016.  While I am sympathetic to the position that Bernie Sanders is a better candidate than Biden, realistically, without the support of the Democratic Establishment, he is unlikely to win the nomination even if he runs a better campaign.  It appears that the Democrat establishment is determined to have Biden.  The anticipated, resulting long protracted competition will only help the Trump propaganda machine gather ammunition for a strong campaign against either Biden or Sanders...he will likely win the election again.

How about a counter strategy that immediately unifies the Democratic Party and starts actively focusing a campaign against Trump and several corrupt Republican Senators?

Suppose next week:  Sanders suspends his campaign, Biden selects Elizabeth Warren as his VP, Sanders as his Secretary of Health & Human Services (with verbal support for extensive healthcare reform), Cory Booker as USAG, Tom Steyer as Head of EPA (with party support for a green economy), Julian Castro as Sec of HUD (he’s done it before), Robert Reich as Sec of Treasury, Jim Clyburn as Sec of Labor, Mayor Pete as Sec of Veterans Affairs, Adm. James Stavridis (RET) as Sec of Defense, Amy Klobuchar as Sec Agriculture, Mike Bloomberg as Head of SBA (or with strong party support, a run for Governor of NY in two years), Kamala Harris, next Supreme Court Justice (as available), and Barack Obama as Secretary of State, (or some similar set of proposed Cabinet level selections).  The Nation will immediately see a strong, qualified, unified “Democratic team” with  membership from all communities of the Democratic Party’s supporters. Everyone then immediately goes on the road to start the campaign against Trump and his Republican surrogates in the Senate.  Bloomberg is committed to providing help in a very open manner.


1) To defeat Trump, the Democratic Party needs to be re-unified and create a much larger voter turnout in November, particularly among the young and non-white voters  2) Obama, because there is no better person for quickly restoring our damaged foreign relations all over the world 3) Dems will need to immediately identify strong candidates for Senate, especially for the handful of replacements for the proposed Cabinet members 4) Adm. Stavridis could also instead serve as Sec State 5) A prolonged battle between Biden & Sanders will be too destructive and will help Trump win exactly as he did in 2016.  He has even more money this time around. 6) All the proposed Cabinet level members must campaign vigorously for Biden and Democratic Senate and House members from now until November. your social media marketing partner
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