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writing for godot

How the West Ends - How the Coronavirus Began (Part 2 of 2)

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Wednesday, 05 February 2020 05:39

How the West Ends - How the Coronavirus Began Part 2 of 2

by Buck William


Zersetzung targeting of innocent TI’s (US citizens and non-US citizens alike) increased exponentially to over 100,000,000 innocent Targeted Individuals in the US and globally after 2001. More than 5,000,000 US citizens and over 100,000,000 non-US citizens are currently (2020) being targeted for zersetzung by the US secret police. There are low value targets, mid value targets and high value targets. Much of the "surveillance" is done by computers, video cameras, and microphones with occasional zersezung to intensive 24-7-365 live zersetzung depending on the "value" of the targeted individual.

Endless war, endlessly causing civil wars, endless coups and seemingly endless coup attempts by US government agencies against countries (“Targeted Countries”) has increased exponentially since 2001. The US governments’ biological weapons program also increased exponentially after 2001.

Bills were passed into laws giving the Pentagon and the 17 US secret police agencies absolute secret police state powers, more than quadrupling their budgets and more than quadrupling the number of secret police operatives since 2001. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Electronic devices (e.g. cell phones) and internet access has expanded to over 4,000,000,000 people – most of whom have had their telecommunications monitored, analyzed and permanently recorded by the NSA (e.g. web browsing history, social media, calls, texts, instant messages, everything).

A common response is “I’m not doing anything wrong” so I don’t care if these nameless faceless psychopathic mass murderer secret police perp creeps are monitoring, analyzing, profiling and permanently recording everything I do with electronic devices.

  1. You don’t decide if you are doing something wrong. THEY decide if you’re doing something wrong.
  2. They want profiling data on everyone so that everyone:How the West Ends - How the Coronavirus Began

* Is recruited as a secret police perp or

* Is targeted for 24/7/365 zersetzung (aka is put under permanent 24/7/365 “surveillance”).

(Note the secret police handlers kill off most of their perps within 15 years of recruitment, dead perps tell no tales …. prostitution is required of most secret police perps and their prostitution attractiveness wanes within 15 years of recruitment, dead whores tell no tales either)

The US secret police wants absolute power over absolutely everyone everywhere in this world. Which is why they have been working so hard at constructing a global surveillance state (aka global zersetzung state) the past couple decades. Working so hard to try to develop algos for almost any possible situation that may arise.

With “perfected” algos, all the current US secret police handlers and perps can be disposed of. When situations arise, newbie handlers and newbie perps can be hired, can follow the instructions encoded in the algos, then these newbie handlers and perps can be disposed of.

With “perfected” algos, US secret police handlers are no longer needed. US secret police perps are no longer needed. The bad news is that more than 99.9% of everyone else won’t be necessary either according to the US secret police bosses.

The US secret police bosses’ “final solution” is the elimination of more than 99.9% of everyone in this world. Unless their evil plans are stopped (e.g. their global surveillance state aka global zersetzung state and the US secret police bosses “final solution”).

The start of solving this US secret police zersetzung state is figuring out, learning as much as possible about what exact crimes are they committing against so many people (targets) and all the details and particulars possible to discover about their “final solution.”

Then, seeking good solutions to both the US secret police zersetzung state and the US secret police bosses’ “final solution.” Then, coming to a consensus on the best solution, a Plan B, a Plan C and finally doing the work needed for the best solution to be successful to bring about an end to the global zersetzung state (aka global surveillance state) and to stop the US secret police bosses’ “final solution.” Failing that, to do the work needed for Plan B to be successful. Failing that, to do the work needed for Plan C to be successful.

Technologies are now advancing exponentially. There is no more time to linger inactively.

Simultaneous, climate change is kicking in, typhoons, earthquakes, tornadoes, sea levels rising, temperature record after temperature record being broken, wild fires, a locust swarm of Biblical proportions in Northeast Africa, famine, droughts, submerging coastlines, etc.

2011 was dubbed Arab Spring. Now feels like the start of a global Spring. Already as of January 2020, there are 72,000,000 refugees, the highest number of refugees since World War II.  Unprecedented wildfires in Australia. Unprecedented mass murders in New Zealand and Sri Lanka Houses of Worship. Hundreds of mass murders a year in the USA. Months of marches and riots in Hong Kong, a former British colony and western bastion for over a century.

Unprecedented demonstrations and riots in India as nationalism and isolationism are becoming all the rage. Western neoliberalism is losing.

An amazing string of US government caused demonstrations, protests and riots in anti-Western Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, the list goes on and one of the worst civil wars in human history in Syria as the West, e.g. the United States and the United Kingdom, attempted unsuccessfully to take over and westernize Syria (and Iraq and Iran and …).


The complete failure to westernize Afghanistan, Graveyard of the Empires, Yemen and Iraq. A civil war lingering on in Afghanistan, Graveyard of the Empires, for 19 years, in Iraq for 17 years. Unprecedented humanitarian crisis’s in Yemen, Somali, Sudan, other parts of Africa, other parts of the world, etc.

Afghanistan aka Graveyard of the Empires, was a war for heroin. The war there is lingering on for so long because of $250,000,000,000 per year in tax free cash for trafficking the heroin from US occupied Afghanistan (aka Graveyard of the Empires) throughout the world, primarily by people working for the US government.

Enough Afghan heroin from US occupied Afghanistan (aka Graveyard of the Empires) is being trafficked to 6,000,000 heroin addicts in the USA as well as to millions of addicts in countries like Iran, Russia and China. Like a Third Opium War.

And it’s as if for every kilogram of heroin being trafficked into China by US government operatives is resulting in a kilogram of fentanyl being exported from China to the US. Like an opium war tit for tat. As if China is saying never again to another opium war. Never again to western attempts to colonize China.

Libya. The US, Canada, UK and French governments guaranteed the Libyan government if they gave up their weapons program, they would get peace, safety and prosperity. That was a trick. A trap. A lie by western “leaders.” Libya was attacked by the US, Canada, UK and France and the Libyan leader was brutally murdered. No country will ever again trust the west to give up a weapons program in exchange for false peace, false safety and fake prosperity. Libya has had civil war most of the past decade since the west invaded, which was just after the west promised it would never invade Libya.

Colombia and Chile, the two most pro-Western governments in South America have had months of street protests, hundreds of unarmed civilians murdered by government agents.

A coup in Bolivia has resulted in street demonstrations for months and dozens murdered in the streets. The coup ousted a leftist leader for an un-elected right wing pro-Western “President” just months after the leftist democratically elected President announced a nationalization of Bolivia’s vast lithium resources.

Ecuador also recently experienced street demonstrations and rioting.

Pro-Western Britain has had 3 elections in a year, extreme political instability. Northern Ireland voted for re-unification candidates, for Northern Ireland to re-unify with Ireland. Scotland voted for the Scottish National Party. A majority of Scots want the European Union and want an independent Scotland. The United Kingdom is dissolving and shattering. With no trade deal in sight, England’s economy is projected to decline more than 5%. More crime and more unrest in what’s left of the former United Kingdom.


Israel has had 3 elections in a year along with the most political instability Israel has had since Persia conquered Israel a few thousand years ago. The Israeli President is under criminal indictment. Mass demonstrations have erupted on the streets in early 2020.


Street protests and riots continue in Spain for independence for Catalonia. Spain has had an increase in both the number of elections and in political instability swinging from left to right to left.

The Yellow Vests have demonstrated for over 6 months in France with sporadic violence. Pension reform proposals have fueled an even bigger fire of political instability in France.

An increase in the frequency of collapsing Italian governments has led to the first proposal for autumn elections in Italy. Since Benito Mussolini was elected.


The far right neo-Nazi fascist parties are making gigantic gains all across Europe, especially northern Europe which is becoming increasing nationalistic and isolationistic with an ever growing disdain for western neoliberalism. Austria re-elected a fascist Prime Minister.

Hungary is pivoting back to Russia and away from the West.

Greece remains in an economic depression 8 years after its debt collapse / financial collapse which was followed by political swings to the far left to the far right and back to the far left.


Turkey was rejected by the European Union. Turkish money lost half its value. Turkey is now pivoting away from the west to Russia and to a more traditional, more fundamental Islamic state.

With street protests and riots all over Europe and Latin America (and the Middle East and …..), European governments collapsing at least once a year, fascist parties doubling and tripling their voting results throughout western Europe.

The USA will Anschluss with Canada, the 51st State or there will be CalExit and TexExit and a civil war (or revolutionary war, depending on who wins) between whoever’s left in the other 48 states. Handmaid’s Tale, life imitating art, anyone?

What’s left of the west to write about. The USA which owes $220 trillion 2016-2036 (pensions, public health, debt, etc.) while the USA will take in about $80 trillion in taxes and tariffs. Where’s the $140 trillion difference going to come from? The US government will


  1. not pay or
  2. will print $140 trillion out of thin air …. Then a worthless dollar  …. Then hyperinflation …. Then hyper-unemployment …. Then the 2020s USA will be just like. Germany in the 1920s.
  3. All of the above plus an acceleration to the US secret police bosses’ next 98 phases of their “final solution.”

Once the USA and NATO become just like the USSR and the Warsaw Pact were in 1990, the US global zersetzung state (aka global surveillance state) should be just about done and the USA utterly bankrupt.

Have you clicked on he link for the US secret police bosses “final solution” yet? No time like the present. If you want to glimpse one of the most likely scenarios for the near future.

click and read all about it or do an internet search for American Bioweaponry Pravda.

The Coronavirus is Phase 2 of the US secret police bosses’ “final solution.” The US secret police, while hating, absolutely hating freedom and liberty, love “plausible deniability.” The US secret police made sure that Canadian scientists “found” a sample of this Coronavirus, brought it to a Biosafety Level 4 (BSL4) facility they have in their “Prairie Provinces” where both Canadian and Chinese scientists work. Then, the US secret police made sure a tech transfer happened from Canada to China, to a BSL4 facility China has in, what a coincidence, Wuhan, China. False flagging the Coronavirus outbreak on the Canadians, blame it on the Canadians, and if that fails they have a plausible deniability plan b, blame it on the Chinese BSL4 facility in Wuhan where the current Coronavirus outbreak was first reported on December 31, 2019 (Happy New Year Westerners!). Clever huh? False flagging it is synonymous with pin the tail on the donkey.

When real investigative reporters start seeking where exactly did this virus come from, they will find the US secret police bosses “final solution” (already written about in a press report titled “American Bioweaponry” from 2016). Then, the US secret police bosses will try to false flag it, pin the tail on the Canadian donkey. Blame Canada. Failing that, the US secret police bosses will then try to pin the tail on the Chinese donkey. Failing that, the truth will be known that We the People and everyone in this world are now suffering through Phase 2 of the US secret police bosses “final solution.”

Read the American Bioweaponry press report to find out more about the next 98 phases that the US secret police bosses have planned.

There’s a press report with an alternative ending. A press report that is a mix of politics, religion and sex and more as most readers will detect as soon as they see the title to that press report.

After a couple paragraphs of what appears to be satire, this press report gets serious with verifiable fact after verifiable fact. One of the best quotes is Gorbachev was to the USSR as Trump is to the USA. It’s undeniable that Gorbachev was seduced by the West and that caused him to let Eastern Europe go then he let the Soviet Union splinter, collapse and shatter into pieces.

It is undeniable that Trump was seduced by Communists raised in Eastern Europe, e.g. Ivana, Melania, Vladimir, etc., and this will lead to, well, read this press report for yourself at

Donald Trump has the unique Presidential experience of having personally borrowed billions of dollars (e.g. for Atlantic City casinos), paying himself billions of dollars in “salary” paychecks, then declaring bankruptcy several times, declaring the casinos insolvent. Creditors, who lent billions of dollars which went into Donald Trump’s pockets as his “salary payments”, the creditors ultimately got stuck with a penny for each dollar they lent Trump, when the casinos were liquidated by the bankruptcy courts.

Which President has ever been more qualified more experienced to rack up tens of trillions of dollars in more debts, then not pay and simply declare the US government to be bankrupt. Unlike the 1980s, when Trump was a casino operator, President Trump can now order the Treasury to simply print a hundred trillion or so US dollars, funny money, then leave the American people holding the bag as Trump laughs all the way to his Swiss bank accounts.

Trump has already stated publicly that the US government will go bankrupt, and then laughed out loud that he won’t be around when the US government goes bankrupt. See more on this.

Almost completely unreported on, is that the New York branch of the Federal Reserve Bank printed close to half a trillion dollars out of thin air in the latter half of 2019, in exchange for “repo loan” IOUs. The Central Reserve Bank has been printing $80 billion a month out of thin air for months now.

During months of press attention to palace intrigue in the swamp and impeachment, was a brief like a 10 second off the cuff statement by CNN and Fox News that oh by the way, Congress, both parties and the President agreed to up the borrowing limit by $1,400,000,000,000 from December 2019 to December 2020.

How much more funny money will the Federal Reserve Bank print out of thin air to make the economy look better for the November 2020 US Presidential election? How desperate is Trump to get re-elected? And how exactly are all these freshly printed and freshly borrowed dollars  – how is all this money going to get paid back? When does this Ponzi scheme house of cards come crashing down?

Trumps public shout out to China to help him get re-elected, will China write the new China US trade deal however China wishes in exchange for the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) assistance in getting Trump re-elected in November 2020?

This press reports title is about how the west ends.

In a word. Trump.

In just a few words. Trump, the global zersetzung state (aka global surveillance state) and American Bioweaponry (the US secret police bosses “final solution”).

Plus an ever increasing likelihood of twin EMP hits knocking out the grid in the Continental 48 states along the way. (Note, there is an Eastern grid and a Western grid for the Continental 48.)

Carrots and sticks. We all heard about the quid pro quo by Trump to Ukraine to get Ukraine to help Trump get re-elected in November 2020. We all know the US Senate green lighted Trump soliciting any foreign country to help him win re-election in 2020.

(Elephant in the room alert.) Did Hunter Biden demonstrate bad judgment for taking an $83,000 a month consulting job at a Ukrainian gas company while daddy was V.P.? No doubt. Did Joe Biden demonstrate incredibly bad judgment by allowing junior to take that $83,000 a month do nothing consulting job for that Ukrainian gas company? No doubt.

“Russia if you’re listening …” Trump cried out at a 2016 campaign rally. The GRU, SVR and even the FSB were all listening. And, according to several US government agencies, they helped Trump get elected. Which Americans doubt Russia will help Trump again in his 2020 re-election campaign? Despite the fact that it is NOT in Russia’s best self-interests to help Trump get re-elected (long story).

Trump was more subtle than usual when he dog whistled to China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) to do everything they can to help Trump win his 2020 re-election campaign. See to hear the uncharacteristically subtle Trump state China should investigate (Biden) too.

Sticks. If China does not help Trump get re-elected then China gets increasingly violent riots ramping up in Hong Kong, a trade war, tariffs, Chinese economic growth ramping down from 8% to 6% to 4% to 2% to …. to a pig virus killing off hundreds of millions of pigs (pork is the most popular meat in China) and a coronavirus outbreak. Just in the nick of time (yes, there is an old school Hollywood movie by that name) for the Chinese New Year! Happy New Year China!!!

Carrots. If MSS does indeed begin helping Trump get re-elected, like now, stat, then voila a vaccine or a medicine or both will appear – as if by magic! The Hong Kong demonstrations will die down. Back to business as usual in Hong Kong. News reports about China’s Muslim minority will vanish – as if by magic!

And. China will get to write the ultimate gravy train trade deal of their dreams, after November 2020, and both Trump and Moscow Mitch will sign that gravy train trade deal dream come true for China in a New York minute.

It’s like that. And it’s that easy. Easy peasy MSS easy peasy.

But. But. But what? What does Ukraine, Russia, China, et al rigging American elections mean for We the People? Trump doesn’t care. Trump cares about Trump. That’s it. It’s like that.

If you really want to know, there are a few Congress people, a few unelected US government officials, a few NGOs, and independent press reporters who will tell you like it is, who will tell you what happens next. Debt collapse. The USAs ultimate financial collapse. Civil War 2.0. (There are 12 guns for every 10 Americans as of 2019.) 330,000,000 of the most aggressive, most spoiled, most violent, most divided people on Earth going to Civil War. Again. Or Revolutionary War. Again. Depends on who wins if it’ll be called Civil War 2.0 or Revolutionary War 2.0.

$220 trillion in money owed by the government in the USA from 2016-2036. The US government will take in about $80 trillion in taxes and tariffs from 2016-2036.  (Elephant in the room spoiler alert again.) Where’s the other $140 trillion going to come from?

Some say Illinois will be the canary in the coal mine, but truth be told, Detroit and Puerto Rico were already the canaries in the coal mine for the USA.

  1. The US government doesn’t pay. No more credit for Uncle Sam. No more Social Security. No more Medicare. No more Medicaid. No more pensions. The list goes on.
  2. Uncle Sam prints $140 trillion. Then the USA of the 2020s is just like. Germany of the 1920s. Hyperinflation. Then hyper-unemployment. Then. Well, we all know what comes after that.

On the bright side, the financial debt collapse of the USA, a worthless US dollar, chaos spiraling down to civil war (or revolutionary war) may be the best opportunity for the global community to zoom in and secure the US governments vast arsenals of highly advanced biological weapons and nuclear weapons, in order to secure those weapons (so that those DO NOT get used against We the People or anyone else) from a collapsing country (the USA) at civil war with itself or at revolutionary war with itself. Big (big) gamble.

And. Oops. Did the cat get let out the bag that people working for the US government could be behind protests (riots, civil wars, etc.) in Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Hong Kong, the list goes on AND bioweapons attacks against China, an attack against the #1 livestock in China, pigs, plus a Coronavirus outbreak, just in the nick of time, for – what a coincidence! – the #1 holiday of the year in China, the Chinese New Year.

What’s next? The US government tries Opium War III with a war for heroin in Afghanistan (Graveyard of the Empires) that will linger on for decades and result in tons of heroin being shipped out from US occupied Afghanistan to China (and Russia, Iran, the USA, etc.) each week. Decade after decade …. Wait. That Opium War III already began. In 2001. And millions of people in the USA and globally have already been killed by Opium War III since it began in 2001.

The fact that half of North Americans, more or less, are totally drugged out couldn’t possibly contribute to how the west ends, could it?

Divide and conquer. It’s difficult, often impossible, for the US secret police to take on solid unified extended families. And, what a coincidence, since the CIA Frankenstein monster was hatched in 1947, family has all but dissolved and disappeared for most Americans in the USA.

Most marriages end in divorce. Most people under 50 don’t even bother to get married anymore. 110,000,000 cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the USA each decade. If you have great grandparents, they’ll tell you about strong cohesive extended families back in the day, impossible for the US secret police to divide and conquer vs. today. Parents come and go as they wish. Children are disposable. A rich parent cannot wait till 18 to get rid of their kids (i.e. boarding schools, distant far away boarding schools), the race by siblings to pocket valuable assets while Mommy or Daddy are on their deathbeds.

Most Americans know that a strong close cohesive extended family is largely something from a long long time ago. Hey, the breakdown of a close strong cohesive loving extended family couldn’t possibly contribute to how the west ends, could it? (Note, never too late for anyone still alive to change course to get closer, more loving, more cohesive with the family you got dealt.)

Noteworthy is that China is capable of having its’ MSS pivot to cause a Trump 2020 re-election, can out do the US secret police bosses’ global zersetzung state (aka global surveillance state), can out do the US secret police bosses’ final solution (American Bioweaponry) plus prompt twin EMP hits on the USA (one for the Eastern grid, one for the Western grid), either directly or indirectly via a proxy. The end. your social media marketing partner
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