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Fluff and Substance: the $2 Billion Difference

Written by Hinterland   
Monday, 27 January 2020 02:44

Yes, it's his $2 billion. And, yes, he can use it essentially to buy all those little electronic bits and bytes and send them across all the broadbands. Yes, that may make a difference, or it may all evaporate into the never never land from which it came. But, is there a way to create something concrete with that $2 billion and, at the same time, generate a bunch of free bits and bytes all over the broadbands? Well, maybe this would do that:

No one really knows how many homeless people there are. But we know there are at least 100,000 homeless people living on the streets of our major cities. So, instead of vaporizing $2 billion on flash in the pan political ads, why not use that $2 billion to build permanent back to basics concrete block homes in back to basics clusters of stand alone homes? Back to basics means clusters of homes without streets or sidewalks. Back to basics means one room 625 square foot concrete block home with a simple slant roof and minimal plumbing and minimal electricity. Aside from the cost of the sewer and water system, the cost of the materials comes in around $10,000. That $10,000 includes: 1000 concrete blocks, a 625 square foot concrete foundation, a slant roof, and a simple door and 2 simple windows, plus just enough plumbing to support a single shower, commode, and sink plus a kitchen sink. Then with another $3000, how about a solar water heater plus some solar panels and (community?) batteries that support simple minimal 12 volt DC lighting, period. Total is around $13,000. Call the sewer/water system at $7000 per home and the total is $20,000 per home. Add in some free vacant governmental land and only the labor cost is missing.

Well, so far there are all the ingredients for a massive Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etcetera FREE media continuing blitz, except one: the volunteer labor to bring it all together. So, the ball is between the courts of the billionaire(s) to fund it and the courts of the political activists to volunteer to build it.

And, how many such homes can be built for $2 billion at $20,000 each? 100,000.

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