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Sorry Elizabeth. You Blew It

Written by wally jasper   
Thursday, 16 January 2020 08:14

Until a few days ago when news started coming out that Elizabeth Warren accused Bernie of saying that a woman could not get elected president, it seemed that ultimately a Sanders/Warren ticket was a no-brainer. That prospect had me hopeful that the two most progressive candidates would team up and deliver the death blow to the Trump administration and all its horrors. Well, that dream is over, at least for me; but not only because of the media circus that has gleefully erupted around this "battle." For me, Elizabeth Warren, in this one act, has shown herself to be unsuited for the Presidency (and Vice-Presidency) because of what she has demonstrated in her character, her judgment and her focus on her own very personally reactive priorities.

Surprisingly Trump-like, Warren twisted a private conversation between her and Bernie into an issue that she obviously felt would rejuvenate her faltering campaign and damage Bernie's. The topic of their talk, according to Bernie, was Trump's strategy for the elections and how Trump could and would use gender and the issue of a woman's electability against Warren. Somehow Warren heard this as Bernie saying this was his belief. Which is ridiculous. Bernie has been clear since the 1980s that a woman could and should become president, and he demonstrated this in his strong support for Clinton even in the wake of the Democratic Party's commandeering of that nomination process. Warren had to really stretch on this one to find something she could use to hurt Bernie. And then, to make matters worse, she had to debase her argument that she was promoting women with her very personal charge that Bernie was calling her a liar (with total lack of awareness that she was calling him a liar for denying her misguided accusation). How would a mature human have handled this? Mainly by simply wondering if perhaps she had misunderstood what Bernie had said at their meeting and clarifying what he said with him before she spread her slander out into the world. But presumably the temptation to find some element of damage against Bernie's surging campaign was simply too great to pass up.

In any case, the deed is done. We now have seen who Warren is: how she personalizes, how she reacts, how she assumes her impressions are accurate without verifying and how she will exploit any opportunity to advance her own position even to the point of throwing dirt on a "friend" and fellow progressive candidate. Meanwhile, Bernie is Bernie: "Not me, us." He rises above the usual pettiness of politics and, like a true compass, continually sets his sights on an America that works for all its citizens. No matter how much the media tries to skew voters' impressions of Bernie, no matter how much other candidates will try to undermine his visionary proposals (even as they adopt some diluted or ersatz version of his popular ideas) Bernie keeps rising above the fray. No dirty politics from him. His authenticity and his honesty are above all reproach. Bernie is our one hope for a truly transformational president. May we all do this together: elect President Bernie Sanders, 2020. your social media marketing partner
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