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Urgent! Impeachment should be delayed

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Sunday, 01 December 2019 13:26

There will be plenty of new reasons to Impeach in Trump’s possible second term. Nixon’s impeachment went slowly as new shoes kept dropping. Now this being rushed.

The written documents, need to be sent and examined, and any more oral testimony postponed until the Supreme Court verifies that written requested testimony must be sent, and it has been at least partly analyzed, ideally after the election. Then the Judicial Committee, I think, should change the central focus to Trump intimidating and also to him encourage his supporters to harass, and hinting that they should do more. Otherwise instead, the focus of illegal intimidation will come up during the Senate trial when they try to subpoena the whistle-blower to testify. Sen. Chuck Grassley’s Whistle-Blower Protection caucus has 14 members half Republicans, if Sen. Grassley publicly ponders impeachment, further revelations might lead to other Republicans to follow.

I dream of Giuliani testifying or hedging what Trump told him about trying to make Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch scared enough to resign, and what he told others, and the other acts of intimidation such as Trump extremist Cesar Sayoc who sent pipe bombs in the mail. Comments to and from Trump about reacting to this bombing might be revealing.

One thing that has prevented any more Republicans from voting for Impeachment is that once Republican Justin Amash who was harassed into quitting the Republican Party, is that the Democrats in the House haven't offered him a seat on the Judiciary Committee and Democratic fundraising groups aren't contributing to his reelection campaign as an independent, in that race the Democratic candidate will be a spoiler. In the Senate Independents sit and have committee assignments with the Democrats.

Perhaps if Impeachment was done right perhaps something similar to the 18 minutes of gaps in Nixon’s Watergate Tapes would be revealed. Public debates over terrorizing witnesses and critics, one way or another, can enhance our Democracy, but not revelations about strong-arming Ukraine.

Prosecutors don’t press charges if they think conviction is impossible. The duty to indict anyway is an obligation many Democratic officials are imagining. In the Senate, Republicans will twist things around even more. House Members should do it right, somehow put it “in Limbo” for later, or vote “No”, on Impeachment.

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