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writing for godot

How Biden Can Win the Presidency Tomorrow

Written by Sinclair Noe   
Tuesday, 26 November 2019 07:35


The Gang that couldn’t speak straight - Pence, Pompeo, Guilliani, Mulvaney, Bolton, and McGahn are all defying subpoenas. A judge has ruled that McGahn cannot resist a congressional subpoena, and yet he resists; the others won’t testify until McGahn’s case is resolved. The appeals may eventually end up with the Supremes but that will take a very long time because that is how the game is played in Washington. If a subpoena is ignored in Ferguson, Missouri the court would issue a bench warrant and the cops would arrest the scofflaw. The Rule of Law is different outside the Beltway. Meanwhile, Nunes, Jordan and Trump’s other minions continue to spread tin foil conspiracy theories from infinity and beyond.

Here is how to end the insanity – tell the truth.

It’s a radical idea but it could be the best way for Joe Biden to win the presidency, bigly. Here’s what needs to happen. Biden holds a press conference and says: “I have served as a Senator and Vice-President. I have been investigated and vetted and scrutinized. My taxes are public record. I have served with honesty and integrity. If Republicans try to claim I am not honest – let’s put it to the test – under oath. I will go to Congress and be sworn in. I will answer all questions truthfully under oath. I also encourage my son, Hunter, to voluntarily testify under oath. If I did something wrong, I will own it. If I did anything illegal, you can send me to jail. If I am honest and acted with integrity, I should be vindicated.

“We already know Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Bolton, McGahn, Guilliani, Nunes and most importantly Trump are afraid to tell the truth; they are afraid to be sworn in. Why are they all afraid? Because they are liars. I tell the truth. So, swear me in.”

If Biden lies, he should be prosecuted (just like the liars in the White House). If Biden tells the truth, he should be cheered and elected the next president. If Biden doesn’t have enough courage to voluntarily testify, then he should step aside for Sanders or Warren or someone else.


Truth should never be considered crazy. Truth is the virtue we most admire from our Presidents, whether George Washington and the cherry tree or Honest Abe. Trump can't handle the truth. Truth is a very powerful idea and the only thing capable of defeating the dishonesty and corruption which is so rampant in Washington. your social media marketing partner
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