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Bolivia’s Future

Written by Bob Maschi   
Wednesday, 13 November 2019 09:50

Bolivia’s Future

A coup has forced out the elected president of Bolivia. Apparently, Evo Morales’ big mistake was paying off Bolivia’s IMF & World Bank debt. This is unacceptable to capitalism run amok. This is how third world countries are burdened by a cycle of ever-increasing debt.

Unless the coup is defeated, this is what we can expect...

1) Expect a hastily formed right-wing government.

2) This illegitimate government will quickly ask for and obtain loans from the IMF and other sources.

3) The loans will be for ‘building infrastructure’ to be used to the rob Bolivia’s natural resources (like lithium).

4) Most of the money will go into the pockets of corrupt government leaders and corporate officers. But the loans will have to be paid back by the Bolivian people.

5) Major US corporations will be invited in to exploit the resources with very little benefit for the people.

6) Any future government, even a leftist one, will be saddled with this debt. The only way they will be able to pay the debts is to privatize public functions and reduce public benefits. your social media marketing partner
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