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A touch of Americana, Philadelphia needs David Oh to stay in office

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Sunday, 03 November 2019 03:37

Philadelphia needs to keep a moderate Republican who often acts as a mediator, David Oh to stay on City Council, to continue to have one of the city council slots reserved for a non-Democrat. David Oh is constantly trying to solve problems rather than take part in a left vs right blame debate. Over and over again shrill politics has squeezed out liberal and moderate politicians around the country, back to the 1988 Obama landslide which swept liberal Connecticut Senator Lowell Weicker out of office, the winner Joe Lieberman gave Obama much grief and as he grew more conservative became an early supporter of Trump. Perhaps with David Oh this could possible be the last straw, perhaps a chance to change the politics of this country back to sanity.

The “Working Families Party” has come down from New York where it is a Democratic fission Party. to kick Republicans out of Philadelphia City Hall, where two of the at-large winners can’t be Democrats. They are claiming in their brochure that they’re going to kick Trump Republicans out of City Hall. But no Trump Republican is in office. Thanks to the squeeze, this is likely to change.

David Oh was removed by the Republican Machine in the primary election suggested ballot, but managed to come in 5th anyway. Matt Wolfe who almost tied with union boss Al Taubenberger who is currently on City Council, for 2nd with a 151 vote diference, challenged the other Republican candidates to totally support Trump and Dan Tinney,the primary top vote-getter claimed that Republicans are mad at David Oh for voting for Meek Mill Day, but no unanimous proclamations are arguments. Dan Tinney is on the board of a charter school and his talking points on Crime and Immigration are in line with Trump. So likely conservative constituents will in the future crowd City Hall hearings, claiming Democrats are evil and pro-crime, like now happens in much of the rest of the country. Even if the Working Families Party (WFP) manages to get one seat their dream of reining in Charter Schools will be dashed. City Council meetings will be shouting matches without David Oh’s sober, calming, “let’s get down to business” influence.

I urge a unified slate for the best five City Council at-large candidates, David Oh, WFP candidates Pastor Nicolas V. O'Rourke who has a successful intervention program working with victims to stop tit-for-tat gang revenge violence, WFP candidate Kendra Brooks who Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren endorsed, Helen Gym who is already very popular, and the other progressive Democratic nominee Isaiah Thomas who won’t win unless progressives pay attention. A unified complete slate with David Oh rather than slandering him would be quite appealing.

I urge Elizabeth Warren to also endorse reasonable bipartisanship, thus also endorse David Oh, letting anti-Trump Republicans know they won’t be out on the cold if she becomes President. Many traditional Republican voters disgusted with what Trump did to the Republican Party will have trouble seeing enough hope for the future to stay involved with politics. People around the country giving a good word for David Oh will remind them of the country we once had before polarized hate began to take over. Tuesday November 5, straightening up Philadelphia could become the first step in straightening up America.

I urge that all Democratic organizations around the country find one non-Democrat in some office to endorse. Let’s stand up to the Trumpified polarized world not just Trump.


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