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Book Review of ‘Blood on the Stone’

Written by Sajjad Shaukat   
Tuesday, 30 July 2019 01:22



Written by Jake Lynch

Reviewed by Sajjad Shaukat

Being author of seven books and almost 50 referred articles; Professor Jake Lynch’s novel ‘Blood on the Stone’ is very impressive and fascinating for all sorts of readers, especially those who are interesting in knowing historical mysteries.

In this research based novel which is historical mystery, the author points out that in March 1681 Oxford is hosting the English Parliament. The Merry Monarch Charles II has entered the city along with his courtiers and ministers. When a Member of the Parliament is murdered, it creates further tensions.

Luke Sandys takes the risk of dangers, as he is deputed-the Chief Officer of the Oxford Bailiffs to investigate the assassination. With the assistance of his brother-a serving cavalry officer, and his deputy, Robshaw, the Chief Officer becomes aware of a secret sectarian conspiracy to overthrow the Crown.

In fact, the book is a murder mystery with other interesting details such as duties of Luke Sandys to maintain peace and order in the University town, his tricky-strategy, his unsatisfactory marriage and a clandestine desire for a Catholic widow, including an unfulfilled regret which compelled him to leave his studies.

Jake Lynch has described other related developments and events like trivial incident observed by Captain Edwin Sandys, brother of Luke who also checks an unlicensed tavern where a political meeting is being held in wake of crucial times, while the King is not on the throne after the rule of Cromwell, and, his brother James, has been exposed as a Catholic. And sometimes, mistrust, suspicion and tension results into mob violence. When the murder is found, Luke is determined to know the guilty party and the culprits, but his investigation and detection cannot be trusted due to his deliberate vague techniques.

Besides, the book elaborates that the stone is being used for finishing a college. It also narrates social conditions of that period in a vivid style which attracts the readers.

Undoubtedly, we can conclude that the book is the most poignant, the most comprehensive and the excellent work of Jake Lynch, which also shows his farsightedness and in-depth vision. your social media marketing partner
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