Impeachment is not AN option – it is the ONLY option!

Written by Terry Sneller   
Friday, 26 July 2019 14:14

If we want to save this democracy, we better start impeachment proceedings NOW and with NO delay! Throw out ALL the arguments and get real.

Mueller, with his undisputed report, has confirmed what we have all known for some time – the Russians have already, are currently and will continually attempt to manipulate our elections! Since The Twitter Twit obviously benefitted from the Russian manipulated and illegal election of 2016 AND The Twitter Twit will likely go to prison for the rest of his life if he loses the 2020 election – not only will he NOT lead critical election reforms – in order to run out the statute of limitations clock – but, along with Mitch McConnell (who is on the take from the voting machine industry), they will both do anything that they can to thwart ANY AND ALL attempts by Congress to secure the very heart of our democracy – OUR VOTES!

The Democrats can dilly-dally around debating among themselves the various legal, moral, political, ethical, timing, Senate vote, polls, pundits, histories, etc., as well as the ramifications of taking this viewpoint or that viewpoint on whether to or whether not to. However, every day that Nancy and her “leaders” waste time trying to “gather more evidence” is another day lost to not repairing our vulnerable voting systems and making them more secure – and thus not protecting them from probable future challenges by a desperate Twitter Twit, upon his likely losing of the 2020 election.

If the Democrats want to get the public’s attention, they should do it with one powerful, free, nationwide public (PBS), series of focused proceedings and NOT bit-by-bit, piecemeal, one-at-a-time, cable TV-based hearings. Bombard our screen addicted public square members with an action-packed, live streaming, Binge Watching, Congressional impeachment series. In the process, not only will the truth-fed public shift their support, but likely they will have at least some impact on the votes cast by the fascist side of the Senate, as well.

Oh yeah, one thing more to consider. The vital counterintelligence information on The Twitter Twit’s possible financial compromise is being collected and retained by the FBI, which is under the control of the Twitter Twit’s Attorney General – Bill Barr.


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