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The Brexit Party And Nigel Farage :- The U.K Revolution Has Arrived

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 10:32

The United Kingdom is going though an amazing political shift. - The main parties of the U.K are no longer in control. The political revolution is happening on a scale that is unprecedented in U.K history.... and it only took 6 weeks.

'The Brexit Party' is that new political shift. The former leader of U.K.I.P (United Kingdom Independence Party) Nigel Farage has retained his seat in the E.U Parliament. - And The Brexit Party has just gained 29 seats in total to become the top few biggest political parties in European Parliament.

When was the last time UK politics changed in this way ??? - The CHURCHILL era. - The Brexit Party is not old establishment.... the party is a brave new step in political terms, something desperately needed for a very long time. It is forcing political reform, taking power away from the main parties and showing that the U.K's voting public can have a much stronger voice and influence, no matter what the outcome will be... - It has forced the UK voters to examine the political landscape far more than any other party has EVER achieved in many, many decades.

The United Kingdom should have left with no deal on 24th of June, 2016, and sorted out any problems, struck new deal with other nations, and later negotiated a WTO + EU deal which is how more than 50 other nations operate, (under WTO rules with EU deals added to it.)....  Everything would have been fine by now in the United Kingdom.....  Instead the U.K's Remainer MP's sat around, waiting until the last moment to rush through their bills in Parliament to prevent any deal, and the scandalous Yvette Cooper/Oliver Letwin Bill which effectively blocked no deal (where the U.K leaves under WTO rules).... Remainer MP's created the deadlock with their own votes.

Brexit supporters are actually united with Remainers, because it is a fight for the independence of ALL in the United Kingdom, yet Remainers throw names and slander at Brexit voters.... the Remainers want to stay shackled to the EU Parliament's walls... Hardcore Remainers are rarely willing to listen, and they spew out negative doomsday talk and insults like a stuck record at Brexit voters: - Remainers are confused on what independence is, and they don't really care much about having a sovereign U.K Parliament.... For some reason they want a foreign, external Parliament in Brussels to dictate how the U.K Parliament, trade, business, laws and nation can function.

The truth is that no political parties (except for the SNP & Lib Dems and other small parties) are willing to back Remain's campaign for a 2nd vote: -  The Brexit Party is that firm backing of the Leave vote, because it won by 1.3 million votes, so they have the moral high-ground in supporting the democratic vote to leave the European Union.... You cannot have that moral high-ground if you support a re-run of that 2-horse race (the horses being Leave + Remain). - It is time to accept that the UK is due to leave the European Union, and to seek positive ways forward to ensure the UK does better than ever before after leaving the European Union. - And a strong United Kingdom is beneficial to any nation seeking to do trade. Old deals will be fulfilled, new deals will be made, life will go on..., and no nation wants a disaster for the U.K, or the knock-on effect could be a run on the markets as the World saw back in 2008/2009.

The Brexit Party is fighting for the UK to get OUT of the EU, for a strong future.... The main U.K parties are fighting among themselves over a myriad of issues, as they have always done. - ......... The Brexit Party does not need a 'manifesto' of policies at this moment because they are the genuine party which supports the U.K to get the best trade deals and relations with other nations AFTER the U.K has left the European Union. -  The U.K Parliament have NO purist Brexit representative political party, only half-in-half-out politicians. THAT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. - The 17.4 million people did not vote to be ignored by Parliament. The U.K needs a HEFTY number of Brexit Party people, in both E.U and U.K Parliament to reduce the establishment control of the British voters, to suppress the E.U's dominance, and to forge a way for the U.K without ANY external oppression. Being in the EU didn't work out well for many nations, and many E.U nations now have similar parties to The Brexit Party that have won seats in the E.U elections, along with the Brexit Party, which is now the top few strongest political parties within the European Parliament.

Remainers constantly state that leavers are discriminate, or don't understand what Brexit will do to the UK. - We hear so much about immigration being a great thing for the UK and the EU... yet millions of immigrants are used as cheap labour to do long hours and live in squalor and fear across Europe ... Is that a part of the great EU achievement? :- I think not... Is the UK housing crisis, NHS crisis and crowded schools another great EU achievement? ... I think not. Sure enough, a lot of highly qualified people from outside of the U.K now work in the U.K, and vice versa, and likewise, Brits work and live in America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and other nations across the E.U , and they had to apply to go live and work in those nations. People will always continue to live and work in the U.K and the E.U, and be able to apply to live and work in the UK and EU. - Brexit is not about preventing immigration or integration, but the U.K leaving the E.U will help to CONTROL immigration under the terms of the U.K..... Brexit will re-arrange a lot of things, it will give the UK a fresh start to tackle issues on our terms, particularly with a no-deal Brexit (or as close as to no-deal Brexit as possible).

U.K politics is changing today. - America's politics changed a few years ago, when the U.K should have left the E.U. :- yet here we are, witnessing the U.K Parliament in political deadlock over one simple thing : - That the people of the United Kingdom voted in a majority to leave the European Union, and the U.K Government and U.K Parliament cannot agree to any solution which allows the United Kingdom to leave the European Union membership. - Under E.U law, any E.U nation which wishes to leave the European Union must negotiate and agree to a final deal with the European Union, but if no deal is reached, then that E.U nation which wishes to leave the European Union must then leave under World Trade Organisation rules. -

The United Kingdom was supposed to leave the European Union on 31st of March, 2019, but was delayed to 12th of April, 2019, and then delayed to 30th of June, 2019, and the leave date has now been delayed to the 31st of October, 2019... So this will be the 4th time that the date of leaving the European Union has been announced.......

What is the old rule ? Three strikes and you are out??? - The Brexit Party has become the United Kingdom's newest and most powerful political party within the last 6 weeks (it is now May the 28th of 2019). - You know when a real revolution is happening, because it happens almost overnight. - And when the political establishment fail to deliver a crucial democratic vote of the public in a modern nation as in the United Kingdom, then revolution is the only thing left on the table. your social media marketing partner
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