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writing for godot

To impeach or not — is that the question?

Written by Robert S. Becker   
Sunday, 26 May 2019 16:48

With comic regards to Shakespeare's Hamlet

To impeach or not to impeach —
Or when — that’s the looming question.
More revelations further breach
A scandalized, nightmare election.

Is it nobler to suffer misrule
From infamy and misfortune —
Or take arms against the orange ghoul —
And exile President Buffoon?

A sea of heartaches, a thousand shocks,
No consummation to be wished;
The longer Trump lasts, the more he mocks,
His swamp doth reek of rotting fish.

Justice delayed, oppressor’s wrong,
Insolence of office — all displayed —
Only cultists bury what’s going on:
A corrupt White House in disarray.

What boss ever voiced more whining? 
Self-victimized, farcical charade —
So banish hope of his resigning —
Tar and feathers fit this renegade.

“No president is more transparent”—
A laugher sure to spur disclosure;
Furor hastens the heir apparent,
Evisceration fuels exposure.

All-important the pitch and moment
Of resolution, why and when —
Only critical mass ends torment
And saves what survives deep chagrin. 

The tragic miss to chronic crimes:
Refusing to learn from error.
Abuse unchecked pollutes the times —
Until we annul this reign of terror. your social media marketing partner


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0 # Robert S. Becker 2019-05-28 10:33
Just to clarify this parody/satire, I don't favor a rushed impeachment vote. I am all in favor of full investigations for I now judge disclosure not only as Constitutional obligation but equally about educating everyone what is the career nature of the beast with the mouthpiece -- and bully pulpit never fit so well. Thus, I welcome a year of full-throated inquiries, loaded with different voices and clear evidence, supplemented by the Southern District of New York's revelations. Pile on the real news to offset two years of egregious fake news (with more spewing every day) from this White House -- and then do an impeachment vote at the very end. I recommend late next summer, which establishes the magnitude and range of indictments but will then thwart the Trump Senate from going through its predictable legal charade, loaded with dishonesty by slavish GOP senators before the election. So, I am not pushing quick impeachment at all, thus the opening focus not on simply whether (a given) but WHEN. As in comedy, timing is all. RB

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