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writing for godot

To impeach or not — is that the question?

Written by Robert S. Becker   
Sunday, 26 May 2019 16:48

With comic regards to Shakespeare's Hamlet

To impeach or not to impeach —
Or when — that’s the looming question.
More revelations further breach
A scandalized, nightmare election.

Is it nobler to suffer misrule
From infamy and misfortune —
Or take arms against the orange ghoul —
And exile President Buffoon?

A sea of heartaches, a thousand shocks,
No consummation to be wished;
The longer Trump lasts, the more he mocks,
His swamp doth reek of rotting fish.

Justice delayed, oppressor’s wrong,
Insolence of office — all displayed —
Only cultists bury what’s going on:
A corrupt White House in disarray.

What boss ever voiced more whining? 
Self-victimized, farcical charade —
So banish hope of his resigning —
Tar and feathers fit this renegade.

“No president is more transparent”—
A laugher sure to spur disclosure;
Furor hastens the heir apparent,
Evisceration fuels exposure.

All-important the pitch and moment
Of resolution, why and when —
Only critical mass ends torment
And saves what survives deep chagrin. 

The tragic miss to chronic crimes:
Refusing to learn from error.
Abuse unchecked pollutes the times —
Until we annul this reign of terror. your social media marketing partner
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