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writing for godot

Into the Valley of Death Rode Mick Mulvaney

Written by Carl Peterson   
Thursday, 28 March 2019 12:14



To serve the Koch Machine as abasedly and grovellingly as Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney has must require some congenital aptitude for that station.  Was Mick born to this?  I think so.  And does Mick Mulvaney think he was born to this?  I think so.

Who but one born to it could find inspiration in the task of depriving millions of his fellow Americans of healthcare?  Who but one born to it would take up the mantle handed to him by the coward Charles Koch and just at the moment when Mick's poor, battered, craven colleagues in the Congressional portion of the Republican party thought the dust might be allowed to settle on the issue of healthcare deprivation, incite the poor, addled president to once again pursue a goal he does not understand and does not care about per se?

Who but one born to it would not imagine the death and suffering he would be responsible for if his goal of healthcare deprivation is achieved, but would instead revel in the thought of the bonus points he will run up with the boss if the boss's dream of healthcare deprivation is achieved in the boss's lifetime?

Who but one born to it would lead the renewed charge to destroy healthcare for millions of the most vulnerable Americans, and not even pretend that there is or will be a plan to replace the healthcare that has been destroyed?  Ah, only the select, only one born to it, as Mick was, would boldly atop his steamsnorting, mail-armored charger confront his destiny in the Valley of Death, but not the Valley of his own death of course.  That is for those unworthy, too weak to have attached themselves to a Master. your social media marketing partner
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