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What the Koch Machine Is Up To Now

Written by Carl Peterson   
Sunday, 27 January 2019 01:35




Some old men keep warm with a nip of whiskey,

some dream of one day destroying the country that nurtured them.

Evidently this machine, which Charles Koch seems to believe will somehow perpetuate himself without aid of cryogenics even after he is no longer biologically alive, and will allow him in the name of Liberty to snuff out the last breath of democracy in America before the 21st century is done, has decided on a change in tactics.

The old, crude and stiffly engineered, but in a certain sense effective tactics of hyper-partisanship implemented by the Koch Machine beginning no later than 2008 are out, or at least the Machine is now saying that this sort of stuff is passe and counterproductive, now that it has for the time being squeezed the last drop of benefit to the plutocracy out of that state of affairs.  Yes, now that the Machine has temporarily lost control of the House, partisanship is bad and only gets in the way of progress, progress we can make if we just join hands, if we just join hands. You probably didn't know that Charles Koch is a humanitarian, communitarian, philanthropist democrat, but apparently he is if you catch the drift of the propaganda being published now left and right by our mainstream media.


Also, if you are interested, you can be informed about how Charles Koch is like Abraham Lincoln:

See Warning:  If you read this op-ed be advised that it claims that the Machine wants to reform "our health care system to provide access to quality and affordable care for everyone."  You will recognize this as a grotesquely false representation of the truth about the Koch Machine's position on healthcare unless you know beforehand that in this sentence the word "access" doesn't mean what it means to English-speaking human beings.  "Access" in this usage means that you will be allowed to look through the window at all the health plans you could have if you could afford them.

Senses of humor and irony are evidently not among the traits required to build a fossil fuel empire or an effective crypto-fascist political machine.  Charles Koch has selected Newt Gingrich to help spread his Machine's new message of political comity:

For those of you not familiar with what Newt Gingrich really is: your social media marketing partner
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