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writing for godot

Will the Shutdown Go 60 Days?

Written by Philip Kraske   
Friday, 25 January 2019 11:58

Will the shutdown of gov’ hit sixty days?

I’d hate to see it but in many ways

The only movement that I can much see

Is the shuffle to mic of Chuck S and Nan P.,

To explain once again they’re doing their best,

But it’s our president who must do the rest.


Which would work just fine with a regular prez,

Who does what he can if not what he says,

Or a regular Congress that’s not full of jerks:

Some Repubs who to their prez can talk turks,

And split a few hairs and give each side a win,

And once that’s done kick each other in shin.


Thing is, ol’ Don is no regular prez,

More of a pasha but without the red fez.

He sees The Wall as divine re-election,

The gain of respect and less circumspection,

His beloved cage match of winner-all-take,

Political survival clearly at stake.


And by hook or by crook, Don sure survives all,

Bankruptcy, dear Stormy, the I.R.S. trawl,

And it ain’t by ceding that Don did all that;

It's by NOT ceding, though he had to turn rat,

Turn rat or cretin or Janus-faced lover,

Using who’s needed to give his rump cover.


So I suggest Democrats just make a fuss,

And cry the nation must get back on the bus,

And give in to blackmail, say they were forced,

Cry dirty pool, with Trump’s motives ill-sourced,

’Cause Don won’t back down and make no mistake:

To him two months shutdown’s a quick piece of cake. your social media marketing partner
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