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writing for godot

Nancy Pelosi is Off the Table

Written by Philip Kraske   
Saturday, 12 January 2019 11:47

The former Speaker has retaken her gavel,
Which makes me wonder where Democrats travel,
'Cause to me it's clear that a Dem worth the name,
Is leaning to left and away from the shame
Of repping the banks, the rich and most able,
Which means ol' Nancy is herself off the table.

Plutocracy's a story that's now sunken in,
Which you see in movies where underdogs win,
In some C.S.I. and House of Cards chapters,
Lamented alike by heroes and raptors,
And now forms a part of the national lore,
Which Dems must address if they want to score.

Along with the story of how wealth's taken over
Rises the one about arms-makers in clover,
Making that hay while sun shines in Af-Pak,
And Yemen, Syria, Somalia and Iraq,
And while Yankees happily fend for their nation,
They now raise eyebrows at mili-lactation.

And since Speaker P. last grabbed that big gav',
The income gap's grown 'tween have-not and have,
With more and more folks needing loans at short terms,
Which bleed them more than bacterial germs,
And this finally too is making impression
On our body politic and raising much question.

Yet the Estab' continues to itself assert,
Not changing its spots or even its shirt,
Ragging on Russia, keeping Gaza a jail,
And against any pullout from anywhere rail,
On poor Bernie S. doing hit-job-du-jour,
Hoping most likely for Hillary's new tour.

It's a disconnect worthy of old '68,
When elites thought it was but something they ate,
And carried on 'Nam and bombed it just horrible,
Relying for votes on the dumb and deplorable
Who fifty years on voted in The Blond Flame,
Their savior-in-chief from More of the Same. your social media marketing partner
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