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Don’t Rush Impeachment: Let Non-stop Trump Scandals Pulverize the GOP Brand

Written by Robert S. Becker   
Monday, 17 December 2018 15:47

Timing is everything in romance, comedy and political impeachment. For the cornered Trump, whose sleazy character made inevitable his scandal-laden destiny, time is running short. With Senate conviction a long shot, why not sustain House investigations well into 2019, calling for a late summer impeachment vote? That won’t leave time for an elaborate trial but imagine the November election clout.

For justice, if not America, to regain credibility here and abroad, Democrats must shine a spotlight on the entire Republican Party as willing, reckless, enabling co-conspirators. “Guilt by association” fits this bill: only craven cohorts sustain an overt felon as party leader.

The opening gambit, with fuller revelations to come, should turn a lame duck into our first dead duck president — presiding in name only. Wobbly Trumpers can’t ignore two more years of blatant “populist” failures, despite bellowing, manic lying, and deranged arm waving. The more important Act Two is to crush the Republican brand, dragging it through copious Trump mud — and connecting all criminal conspiracy dots. Trump is not alone in making America a defenseless, anti-democratic banana republic rife for looting and desecration. 

Let’s take 18 months to reinforce Republican Rick Wilson’s perfectly titled bestseller, “Everything Trump Touches Dies.” Let’s miss no opportunity to demonstrate why Trump so easily hijacked the GOP, nor why saving America depends on proving “all that Republicans touch crash and burn.” The mammoth political body blows, few of which Trump invented, are impossible to miss: campaign incivility, fat cat election manipulations, minority voter suppression, shameless lying, rejection of humane health care coverage, foreign policy debacles, extremist judges, egregious tax giveaways, the destruction of air, soil and water quality, plus truly mindless denial of climate jeopardy. The future depends on not just cutting the spitting, illegitimate head of the snake but the entire, enabling body.

Make Trump Unelectable

The ever-widening tsunami of Trump infamies make re-election hard to imagine: in number and range, this career criminal already exceeds all other presidents put together. Nothing Trump touches helps people in need, serves the majority, or enacts his faux “populism.” Why shouldn’t Rethugs who elevated this Racketeer-in-Chief pay the highest penalties, like those already convicted, including banishment and disgrace?

It’s not as if Trump invented rightwing hegemony and its lust for single-party autocracy, demagoguery, and ongoing theft of assets that belong to all. If only Trump ends up disgraced, Democrats will have squandered a golden opportunity to shred this racist, misogynistic, anti-democratic, conspiracy-packed, truth-adverse, reactionary party. Only then will the door to progressive, systemic reform open.

No wonder Pelosi and Democrat leaders don’t talk up impeachment, especially right off the bat. Echoing a famous coach, “be quick, but don’t rush.” Yes, Trump fatigue afflicts Democrats, but only strategic, delayed gratification can fully torpedo entrenched rightwing extremism. Short of smoking guns on serial Trump felonies, the Senate won’t convict (needing 67 votes). Thus, let’s take our time to turn the Trump knife against party cronyism, pay-to-play corruption, massive hypocrisy, minority-bashing, and the wholesale betrayal of America’s core melting pot narrative. The best way to recover our valued narrative — for newcomer opportunities, educational and intellectual advances, the embrace of reason and evidence — is displace the ludicrous unreality that infects the GOP. 

Why not envision months of redemptive national re-education, like ’60’s teach-ins or Nixon hearings, to remind us who we are?  Why not detail every Trumpian infamy and then derail empty Republican slogans that wither under scrutiny? What’s classically “conservative” about skyrocketing deficit spending, siding with militant extremists, divisive racist tribalism, dismissing family values like marriage constancy, impugning federal judges, war heroes like McCain or Gold Star families? When have traditional “free market” Republicans ever scorned executive expertise, whether about economics (opposing insane trade wars), counterproductive security spending (the Wall), or intelligence agencies (warring against the FBI and CIA)? When did honorable Republicans push contempt for women or siding with dictators or bashing minorities? When does the GOP pay for its moral and intellectual negligence, offering zero ballast to gross party misconduct? 

It’s the Stupid Party, Stupid!

Until the GOP is brought to its knees, the alliance of billionaires, rabid rightwingers and aggrieved, small-minded Trump voters will hold reigns of power — and no check on ever-costly excesses. Yes, Democrats must take the Senate and win the White House for systemic, progressive reforms to emerge. But the greatest obstacle to progress —an intact Republican Party that escapes severe punishment — must be decimated. A criminal lame duck president is the ideal battering ram to produce a lame duck national party. A rattlesnake can still inject venom even with its head cut off.

If Dems do impeachment right, Trump Republicans in battleground states should be retired in high numbers. Methodically seizing the day with unremitting investigations, glaring headlines, and countless indictments can simultaneously cripple two menacing birds. Simply relate Trump scandals to the ugly Republican party mindset, focusing on corrupt deals, self-interested greed, attacks on health care, and acquiescence to the dumbest trade and foreign policies ever. Shame strong Trump supporters, making them as uncomfortable and vulnerable as possible.


I trust today’s not exactly-brilliant Democrats, prone to grab defeat from the jaws of victory, get the advantages of not rushing impeachment: the objective is to thoroughly de-legitimize Trump, then use his scandals to expose his cabinet and all ruthlessly Machiavellian party machinations. Trump is stylistically (often stupidly) unusual, but dislodging Republican strengths should be the constant goal. Let’s hope the next two years broadcast who and what represent the greatest threat to the nation — and the world — and how only this country’s voters can penalize a party that undermines our best values and the American dream for the many, not the few. your social media marketing partner


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Marc Ash
Founder, Reader Supported News

+4 # Robert S. Becker 2018-12-18 12:41
I see no advantage (and no positive gain) to push for any kind of quick impeachment. I say use all the scandals to shred the entire GOP brand and that means waiting until the last moment, so a Senate trial is not likely. The question is, can today's Democrats finally learn how to be strategic without looking overly partisan or petty? I think Schiff and other committee heads get it. I hope so for right now Trump doesn't go away easily (and who wants resignation, thus President Pence).
0 # RICHARDKANE.Philadelphia 2018-12-18 12:59
Charles Ponzi after getting out of prison defrauded even police officers a 2nd time. Trump cares less about global warming, or right-left issue but wants and got a temporary hollow economic surge, to impress his base by appearing tough on the wall and drawing blood. He wins as long as stealing from the trough is not the central issue. The Russian issue is a chance to get everyone relieved that an almost war is averted instead of impeachment conviction delayed.
+1 # Robert S. Becker 2018-12-20 11:02
Agree but what has this to do with impeachment timing? Is Trump invincible for the next two years?
0 # chapdrum 2018-12-19 18:27
The Republican brand is impregnable.
It can withstand what Rump brings. Did the brand suffer after 8 years of CheneyCo, with tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan?
0 # Robert S. Becker 2018-12-20 11:04
Nothing as complex as a national party is impregnable. Hell, nothing over time is impregnable. Trump is far more a threat to the GOP brand than Bush-Cheney, as bad and destructive and misguided as they were. National parties go up and down and the last election reveals Rethugs are vulnerable. More so in 2020 for rightwing senators. In any case, what does your comment say about impeachment timing or impact?
+1 # chapdrum 2019-01-05 19:57
Sounds good, but ain't gonna happen. That party isn't going anywhere...a tragedy for the U.S. and the entire planet.

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