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Third Party Miracle Pending in New Jersey

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Thursday, 28 June 2018 00:53

Three Parties are very unstable. To be stable there must be at least one liberal and one conservative competing parties as in Europe. Actually a four party miracle is pending in New Jersey.

The choice in the NJ Senate Race is an indicted strong-arming goon, A pro-choice marriage equality candidate that gave a lot of money to a candidate now President that pushes otherwise, but Trump also hurt their constantly cultivated image of the pro-life movement represents compassion by calling for jailing woman. Bob Hugan ads constantly blare he is a new kind of Republican, pro-choice, pro-marriage equality and equal pay for equal work, I wonder if the salaries of his pharmaceutical firm practiced this. How many times will America be conned? There are however third party alternatives: A green party peace candidate, a Libertarian who is morally conservative, and Hank Schroeder who wants tax cuts to stimulate the economy, and wants the government off our backs. If as election day approaches it appears all tree alternatives start approaching double digits, people will start to stop holding their noise voting lesser evil and start voting for the candidate they consider best, but if only one of them starts doing well negative ads would be thrown their way. Clearly when it comes to the Democratic Party a Green would be better than the Albatross Menendez, and depending on future circumstance any third party candidate might be better.

Perhaps the most unpopular of the two party choices in the country is the New Jersey Senate race, where the third parties in comparison will be a refreshing change. Here in the Philadelphia area across the river, TV ads blaring "indicted NJ Senator Bob Menendez, thinks voters are stupid and will vote for any crook as long as he is a Democrat", often quickly followed by ads condemning Scott Wallace in a tight race here in Pennsylvania. By Election Day I fear around the country Republicans will be excerpting parts of a last minute Menendez ad that "One must vote for Menendez to prevent Republicans from continuing to control the Senate" If he wins in November there will be a fight on whether he will be seated, whatever the outcome the recent public perception that the Democratic Party is more responsible and rational of the two parties would wane.  If Trump dominates the Justice Department into re-trying Menendez it will add to the stench.

A frequent Bob Hugin commercial is that Bob Hugin is a new kind of Republican, pro-choice, marriage equality and equal pay for equal work, despite giving a large campaign donation to Trump, but maybe it was to make Trump forget his campaign pledge to make easy access to Canadian drugs. Trump lately began tiptoeing on the cheap Canadian drug issue maybe in response to the Politico expose:  Menendez-vs-Hugin corrupt-Senator vs greedy-Pharmaceutical-Exec
Hugin’s firm raised the price of a cancer drug 20% and was fined for disguising drugs to confuse generic drug manufacturers. Democrats won’t make an issue over Trump betraying his campaign pledge on Canadian drugs, because it may offend drug manufactures, or say anything that might offend insider lobbying groups, the result of the two party system.

Senator Menendez is a strongman who likes to get even. Local Democratic leaders were afraid to support the primary opponent, and at this point would be afraid to support a third party for the Senate race. People in Pennsylvania, New York and around the nation need to help. The Scott Wallace campaign would be particularly helped if a wide-open NJ Senate race ended the Menednez thinks Democrats are stupid ads.

If in Pennsylvania and NY Democratic politicians debated the local Green and Libertarian candidates osmosis would encourage third party knowledge and interest in New Jersey. In PA interest in the Lt. Governor’s race has all but disappeared. John Fetterman is as amazing as Cory Booker in NJ. Personally risking his life to stop a crime or stop a disastrous situation. Frequent debates with Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick the Green candidate and Kathleen Smith the Libertarian would make this rarely reported race shine, and remind anyone listening in Jersey that the Libertarians and Greens exist, and more voters showing up will vote Democratic in many of the smaller races.The same in NY.

Money poured into South Carolina for the first female Black primary winner in the Deep South. If, the National Democratic Party and other groups give $1000 to every NJ third party Senate candidate they would look less sleazy in seating Menendez is he wins reelection.  This may be one race where both George Soros and the Koch Brothers would be disgusted with both the Democratic and Republican nominee, giving to all third party nominees would lessen the negative feedback their involvement often brings.

Now for who the New Jersey candidates are: There are two passionate peace candidates in the NJ Senate race Madelyn Hoffman with the Green Party and Murray Sabrin the Libertarian, see him best on Wikipedia. See also, Ballot access Green and Libertarian Parties place U S Senate nominees on New Jersey ballot

The very libertarian-oriented Economic Growth candidate Hank Schroeder,

The other independent candidates haven't articulated their positions. but may be saying let's lower our voices and stop hurting each other. They are For the People, Natalie Lynn Rivera, Make it Simple, Kevin Kimple, and New-Day-NJ, Tricia Flanagan. Special Interests who want Bob Menendez to win would be better served by all the third parties splitting the vote somewhat evenly rather than trying to praise Menendez.

The peace candidates are important because some others want extreme tension with Russia to oppose Trump. Actually foreign lobbying is overwhelming from all directions, (see)
Newyorker Magazine Donald Trumps New World Order
The Guardian Donald Trump Jr meting Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates

The Guardian article on Trump Jr's meetings also mentions Joel Zamel represented a firm that employed Israeli former intelligence officers, and Blackwater. Before I read this article I thought Blackwater was an American firm, not a joint US Israeli firm. (Eisenhower warned of the Military Industrial Complex) Defense contractors seeking more sales piggybacks Israeli, Saudi and gulf state lobbying. But it’s even more. Diplomats, (especially those who speak a foreign language) are partial to one side or the other. The Rwandan genocide occurred without anyone in the US knowing it because no Tutsi lobbyists were telling the US what was happening in Rwanda. Some foreign lobbying is necessary, even from Russia.

When it comes to risking and baiting for war Foreign Relations Committee head Menendez may be the worse of the worse, it would be wonderful if he was replaced by the best of the best, but the Economic Growth candidate Hank Schroeder would be a breath of fresh air as well.

Perhaps the US becoming a multiparty system would create new problems; but both parties not wanting to offend powerful lobby groups like the drug lobby is a real problem.

P.S. Richard Kane in Philadelphia, last name with a weird spelling is over 70 with a walker voted for Hillary but volunteered in near by NJ for Jill Stein. One doesn't have to limit oneself to one direction. your social media marketing partner


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0 # RICHARDKANE.Philadelphia 2018-07-14 00:29
While Madelyn Hoffman doesn’t have a Wikipedia page unlike Murray Sabrin the Libertarian. However she made waves in the past running for the NJ Senate getting10 thousand votes,
One can now donate on line, to donate to all three I had to send a check
As Senator she would empower and inspire the US peace movement, however the Libertarian Murray Sabrin as an empowered version of Ron Paul would be more effective when it comes to critical votes

Elsewhere in my article these links don’t work
Instead try,

However ine can just google,
Newyorker Magazine Donald Trumps New World Order
The Guardian Donald Trump Jr meting Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates

As the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Menendez is most effective in promoting war and strife just attempting a Third Party Miracle will change this

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