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writing for godot


Written by Jeffrey Moualim   
Wednesday, 20 June 2018 14:06

Evil. How else must one process the events of the past few days and weeks at our Mexican Boarders. The Country that claims to be the greatest nation that the world as ever seen and the richest country in the world, took children and babies from their parents. Many seeking asylums from countries where they were being persecuted. Under the disguise of a zero-tolerance illegal immigration policy the trump administration stole children from their parents with unabashed vindictiveness. The anger conjured by deep seated racism for people of color provides the feeblest of excuses that trump wants to protect the United States.


So, today when trump bends slightly to the massive out pour of rage coming from compassionate human beings with a voice, trump will claim to his throngs that he did it for them. He will beat his proverbial chest and claim how strong a leader he is and use language coded with racial bias to spread his dog whistle strategy to his base.

And republicans in congress who sit on their hands as if their derriere were glued to them will verbally applaud themselves as brokers of a humane deal even as they swallow their tongues rather than chastise this president for being a heartless creature.


From now until the midterms a rogue adolescent trump, will hammer away at a policy he feels his followers lap up. While drunken on unchecked power he continues advance a white supremacy that casts a longer and longer shadow over this nation. Trump's verbiage reached a new low yesterday when he used the word infest in describing people coming to America for asylum. The reference brings back connotations of films Nazi's showed in the 1930's of rats as they spoke about how Jews had infiltrated their society. Trump's Attorney General Jeff Session quoted a passage from the bible's new testament in defending zero tolerance policy. The same passage once used to deflect the fact that the United States allowed slavery of another people of color.


The transparency of trump and his followers when it comes to race is an evil that not only infects them but causes great infirmity to our character as a nation. Immigration policies are often complicated and the details on how to come to rational solutions are difficult. Still what is simple is that we are all living, breathing, emotionally susceptible beings. Our color has absolutely no bearing on our worth or our basic rights to be treated with dignity. And children the most vulnerable to trauma and cruelty are a future to cherish, not put in cages to demean their aura of youth and innocence.


To speak of a devil is not to recall the mythical creature with horns and a tail. It is the all too real Oval office occupant who wields not a fantastical pitchfork but iniquitous policies that bring shame to us all. your social media marketing partner


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Marc Ash
Founder, Reader Supported News

0 # Wise woman 2018-07-09 00:50
Amen. Aman drunk on power.
0 # DongiC 2018-08-03 04:16
More and more people are likening Sir Donald to a devil. I guess his actions are becoming better and better known. What is his plan? Planet demolition?

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