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Why I'm not crazy about calling it The Resistance

Written by Carl Peterson   
Thursday, 14 June 2018 00:22

Why I'm not crazy about calling it "The Resistance"


So now, after these past several decades, when all the time we should have been resisting what has been happening to our democracy, now that the Orange cape is being waved, we are finally prompted to rise up and declare, "Enough! Stop this outrage!"

God bless the aesthetic repugnancy of the Infant President for provoking at least this much response.

Trouble is, it's kind of late now to just resist.  Now, if we continue to just resist, we're going to end up being carried off one by one.  Others will hear our muffled protestations fading into a final silence.

The term "resistance" seems to have been right for others.  The French resisted knowing that some of their countrymen had gone over to the other side, just as we know that many of our countrymen have gone over to the other side, and that, publicly, more are going over all the time... The French knew that there was a war going on outside their country, and that the outcome could bring the meantime resistance was all that was possible, and therefore all that was appropriate.  But in our case, much more is possible, and much more is appropriate.  There is no help coming for us from the outside.  No, there is no cavalry from elsewhere pounding hooves to our rescue.  We, the cavalry, are here, but the horses aren't even saddled.

We are frightened by our adversaries, that is if we understand what is going on.  That fear is a good thing--an appropriate though insufficient response to the threat--but mere resistance at this late date does not frighten our adversaries.  Instead it makes them smile without showing their teeth, because they know it is too late for mere resistance.  They have been working for decades while we slept, and they know that we won't undo their work by merely resisting, that is, by merely responding to what they are doing now.  On the contrary, they welcome the posture of resistance because they know that it puts the body in an attitude that leaves it ready to be scooped up and carted away.

Lucky for us our fearsome adversaries are cowards, every one of them.  The kind of work they have been doing requires a cowardly spirit.  Who else would be willing to lie about everything and sneak around for so long?  That takes a real aptitude.

This is not to advocate violence as a response to our adversaries.  That would be inapt, self-defeating and far beneath the power we still really have.  Our adversaries have made us almost forget it--at least 40% of us don't know it--but We the People are sovereign, not We the Plutocrats.

I don't know what we should call it instead of The Resistance, but whatever it is, it should be something that puts our bodies in a forward posture that lets the cowards on the other side know that it's not going to be as easy for them as it has been so far.  Maybe after the name change we could celebrate by putting half a million people at the next meeting of the Koch network in Indian Wells, California. your social media marketing partner


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0 # Rodion Raskolnikov 2018-06-17 19:37
The problem with this resistence is that it is just like the Tea Party -- an astroturf movement. It is organized, funded, and trained by billionaires and the DNC. This includes Soros, who has funded dozens of these resistance movements around the world under the banner of Color Revolutions. There's always violence in Soros funded resistance movements.

And then there is the baleful Antifa -- a fascism movement posing as anarchists. These are vanguard of liberal or left-wing reactionaries. They are a lot like right wing thugs. They want to fight someone.

We do need a left wing or socialist movement, but the astroturf program is not it.
+1 # chapdrum 2018-06-25 17:08
Also think that Sanders should not use "revolution" (as in "Our Revolution"). Most people are afraid of it, insofar as it connotes confrontation.
0 # Paul Bunion 2018-06-27 20:07
Yes that term scares some people who might otherwise be on the progressive side. They don't realize that we are already suffering from a dangerous Reaction to a Revolution that exists only for those deluded minds who thought Obama was "the most radical president in American history.'

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