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Useful Idiots On The Left (Keep Up The Good Work)

Written by Russell S.Wyllie   
Sunday, 10 June 2018 09:30

The left are very great, magnificent people at getting the current societal woes and issues across. It doesn't matter if you identify as left, center or right wing: we all dislike racism, sexism, xenophobia, gender bias... and all other forms of hate, violence and attacks, yet the left have self-declared themselves as being the only people who have a grasp of such issues and feel as though only they understand how to fight against such societal problems which obviously exist to the majority of us (unless you've been locked in a basement or ignore the World out of ignorance).

So the left attack anything associated with racism e.g :-white people (associated with the old slave trade), Police (beat down black people up to the civil rights uprising of the 1960's), Christians (because Christian armies occupied the World hundreds of years ago)... Hence a white Christian Police officer who is on a mission to correct societal problems would immediately be placed in the crosshairs of the fuming left who would call the officer a liar, fraud, murderer, supremist... and a load of other names. No matter how hard that officer pleads his case, a large section of society does not believe in that Police officer.

Rather than debate morals and opinion to the bitter end, we have to turn our focus on President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America. No matter how hard Mr Trump could plead his case, no matter how much good he tries to do there is the left, bashing away hard on phones, laptops and keyboards to punch out the negative attack catch phrases e.g:- 'Orange buffoon', 'The Orange Clown', 'Trumpanzees', and my favourite : 'Tronald Dumpf'... or just 'The Dump Truck'. It's humourous at first, then over the months and years becomes a stuck record, a regurgitated joke... a knock-knock joke without much variation. Mr Trump doesn't care much about insults. He has mastered the art of the insult, succeeded in grabbing the headlines via Twitter and turned mainstream media into a bunch of bleating nanny goats while he dodges the manic voices and time wasters.

He's just firm, and a nifty talker, gets the job done using unorthodox methods e.g. tweets, insults, ignorance when it suits him. Yet never has the World been in a better place, in a position for real change, a chance at peace. If only the left would get behind his initiatives, then they could be part of making America great again, and making the World more fair and prosperous. Sure Trump wants to turn the planet into one functioning business model.... and that is EXACTLY what is supposed to be happening, not slanging matches and heads butting together. Ce la vie... you can't please all the people all of the time.


The Art Of The Insult : Manipulate the masses via a barrage of words on a regular basis. Good. Trump is very good at manipulation, and that is why the World is headed for gradual peace, good trade and business and mutual benefit via normal cooperation. That's the art of the business deal and the master craftsman of control over the business... and Trump certainly knows his stuff. Yet the left and many others on any political side of the fence have filled themselves with doubt and negativity. In business there is no room for negativity. A successful person did not get to be at the top by waking up one morning and burying the head in the sand, kicking in their television screen or smashing up shop windows just to get attention. There is no point screaming helplessly at the skies in the vain hope that a massive whirlwind will suddenly appear and suck up all the racists, sexists, xenophobes etc... In reality the World changed a long time ago, with a large proportion of people already living a modern, integrated life alongside each other, mostly peacefully. Yet the left still believe that they have weed out all who might fit the bill of their 'most wanted' list.

So how can you convince the masses of confused left wingers that the World is not all that bad, that the right wing are not pure racists, but more than often just concerned about specific issues such as national identity, the effect of immigration on employment opportunities and housing availability, violence within minority groups against other minority groups, or against whites. Being concerned about those issues does not make you a racist. Politicians and businesses alike have greatly created these problems by ignoring the effects of immigration, yet there are great benefits of minority groups. For example in London, United Kingdom the reggae music scene of the 1970's and the 1980's influenced bands to write 'British Ska' music, which is still loved much today. Rap music of America has influenced black British musicians and the music scene. Many people love it. Indian and Chinese restaurants... everyone loves food diversity, right?


In all seriousness though, the World is at a crossroads, where people such as President Trump are pushing for an honest debate, standing up for those who dare to challenge societal problems where political correctness once stood in the way. There is a danger of the World becoming 'too aware', too worried and worked up over the same issues that existed decades ago but which have been greatly mended. Problems will always exist. Differences and issues arise and disappear to remerge some other day. The World overcooked the gas in attacks against President Trump, against 'white supremacy', against racism. In general if we overdo things then we grow tired of those things and lose interest. Everything in moderation: except for negativity, unwillingness to allow things to change, frantic opposition and rancid social media insults... Those are issues that are not helping the World change for the better... quite the opposite. The World just rotates on the negative frantic opposition and rancid social media outbursts, digging deeper down that rabbit hole forever. Big media play off it, give the loud negativity a platform, repeat and amplify that negative vibe, completing the circle of the idiots on the left.... Of course not all on the left are idiots, but they do have many among them. The answer to the problem: STFU. Don't be a useful idiot for the left. your social media marketing partner


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0 # kyzipster 2018-06-15 21:09
Every time a progressive screams 'racist!', a Trump fan screams 'socialist!' or some other nonsense, not understanding that 'socialist' only frightens the automatons in their echo chamber. It means using tax money to build a bridge for all to share, not locking up Christians in a Soviet style Gulag. Do right-wingers believe that? I dunno, they seem to if you take a look at social media.

We're stuck in identity politics alright, blaming one side isn't helping.

We need liberal voices to take on the liberal establishment and conservatives to do the same with their Tea Party Culture Warriors.

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