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Democratic party, get out of the pot--the water's boiling!

Written by Carl Peterson   
Friday, 01 June 2018 04:43


Recent news reports tell us that just two months after spending $450K on an ad buy in North Dakota to punish Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D) for voting against the December 2017 Republican tax heist, the Koch machine has announced a major new ad buy in North Dakota to reward Heitkamp for her recent vote to rollback Dodd-Frank provisions meant to protect regular people from having to bail out selfish rich bastards again.  Of course, it makes sense that Koch would want to discourage Heitkamp from voting like a Democrat, which she did in voting against the tax heist, and encourage her to vote like a Republican, which she did in the Dodd-Frank rollback.  How often in recent history have Republicans in Congress voted like Democrats?  Almost never--only when there has been the threat of an uprising from below as there was in response to the Koch-led proposed repeal of Obamacare.  That threat was just enough to wobble the Koch-discipline of the Republican Congress.  Just enough to temporarily stymie the Koch effort to destroy healthcare for millions.

Democrats, you should know you're getting your clock cleaned by Koch when they start using carrots and sticks on your Senators.  It's perfectly logical that they would begin to discipline and reward your Senators after they have accurately perceived the weakness in your ranks.  For goodness sake! Tim Kaine, Democratic vice-presidential candidate in the last election voted on the side of the financial sector! and against his own alleged constituency!--regular people.  Interests benefitting from the rollback of Dodd-Frank contributed over $900,000 to Tim Kaine in the last five years.  Could that have had something to do with his voting like a Republican against the interests of regular people?  In the past five years Heidi Heitkamp has received over $500,000 from the financial sector.  Is that why she voted like a Republican and afterwards appeared for a photo-op at the president's side at the Dodd-Frank rollback bill-signing ceremony?  If Kaine and Heitkamp and the other 15 (D) Senators who voted for the rollback are acceptable excuses for Democratic Senators then we regular people are going to be pummeled by plutocratic interests at least in the short to medium run, but the Democratic party if it does not hop out of the boiling pot of water will be destroyed in the longer run.  Right now regular people have no one to depend on the way the Koch machine can depend on their debased Republican servants in Congress.

How much good is it going to do for regular people even if the Democratic party somehow picks up enough seats in the midterms to gain majorities in both Houses?  It would probably somewhat limit the ability of the president to continue to do as much damage as he has, but those would be nominal Democratic majorities.  Democratic voters will never know when a contingent of Democrats will march over to the other side and vote like Republicans, and in that instant Republicans will be in the majority again.  This move by the Koch machine to both punish and reward Heidi Heitkamp--to discipline her--shows that now that Koch has utterly vanquished the Republican Congress, they are beginning to move on the Democrats. your social media marketing partner

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