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writing for godot

What Trump and Obama Learned, and Hillary Knew

Written by Philip Kraske   
Friday, 25 May 2018 10:52

Disasters on left, disasters on right,
Not even volcanoes can just sit tight,
But erupt in great cracks and much havoc make,
Having kind waited till end of spring break,
And upstage Prez Don and his three-ring circ':
Bombast-du-jour that comes cloaked in black murk.
To give Don credit where true that it's due,
He's learned how to please and whom to please to,
He's learned to walk back on Putin as friend,
And try once again to make Iran bend,
To cheer Israelis despite their blood thirst,
And make his new slogan "Jerusalem First."
'Cause this way Don keeps the critics at bay,
Paying homage to the neocon way,
And if in Af-Pak the strife never stops,
Or if poor Assange in London dead drops,
Or Syria reaches the limit of pain,
A small price t'is to continue his reign.
About all of this you can throw a just fit,
But then when you finish have to admit,
That President O. learned much the same things,
And besides his Cuba and Iranian flings,
All of the above have tasted his bile,
Along with Ed Snowden still in exile.
With Hillary around nothing would change,
Except Assad would come into her range,
Putin would finally need put up some dukes,
And maybe resort to some of his nukes,
Which just goes to show this ain't a democ',
But more a volcano at which we but gawk. your social media marketing partner

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