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The Kochification of Time Magazine (That didn't take long!)

Written by Carl Peterson   
Sunday, 13 May 2018 16:41

When it was announced last November that Koch would help to finance a deal to acquire Time Magazine., Koch denied that it would seek to influence Time's journalism, and insisted that the deal was only about business.

See January 29, 2018 article in Time, The Koch Brothers are Pushing for Criminal Justice Changes. In this article you will read that Charles Koch says, "We all need to be fully committed to a society in which everybody has an opportunity to make a better life for themselves. That's what we're about."

And you will read about Koch programs that "break against the images of the Koch brothers as political villains."

And you will read that Koch "is also spreading its wings into other areas."  (That is other than its well-known activities that include seeking to elect sufficient numbers of unpatriotic, morally inert, subservient, and debased Republican politicians in November to ensure that Charles Koch retains his preponderant influence in American politics.)  (The first image I got when I read that Koch is "spreading its wings" is Bela Lugosi flying off after he transformed into a bat.)

And you will read these words: "the Koch brothers network has long insisted that it dallies in politics  as a means to push policy."  I looked up the word dally and it can mean "to play amorously,"  or "to dawdle, delay or linger," or "to consider or occupy oneself with something in a careless or unserious fashion."  I'm not sure which definition of dally Philip Elliot the writer of the article intended, because none of them immediately seems remotely appropriate as a way to describe Koch political activity, but if I had to choose, I might guess "to play amorously," since Charles Koch's lust for dominance over his fellow Americans might contain a sublimated erotic element, so yes, I'll go with that interpretation of what Philip Elliot was trying to say, if he selected that word himself.  I say if since it appears that now Elliot might in some sense be a Koch employee, and it is possible that prior to publication the article was edited for content by the Koch Propaganda Department, in which case that department should immediately receive training that points out one of the most important precepts of political propaganda: Do not say or show anything that is unintentionally hilarious. your social media marketing partner
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