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writing for godot

Unsubscribe Me, Please!

Written by Terry Sneller   
Thursday, 03 May 2018 16:43
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Cc: Nancy Pelosi

There is SO much that is going wrong with the Democratic Party that I just wanted to touch on a few of my leading complaints, before I unsubscribe from your annoying emails.

The major problem that I have — with what used to be our, the people’s party — is that you have allowed the corporations, and thus the out of control and incredibly wealthy, to take over and rule the DCCC … as they have now done to so much of the entire country.  As a result, your leadership is constantly in a weak and semi-reactive mode rather than leading with an identifiably proactive sense of a positive future.  I think of it like a burning barn which is spreading fire into the surrounding field of dry wheat stalks.  Instead of gathering all of the firemen behind a water filled tank truck and charging in to put out the primary source of the fire — the barn, the individual firemen are running around the parameter of the burning field attempting to put out the small fires by stomping on the new sparks.

When you allowed a flawed candidate to take over the party and corrupt the last Presidential Primaries, you covertly deprived our country of the critically needed national Progressive leadership of Bernie Sanders.  If you, the leadership of the Democratic Party, still can’t dig down into each of your personal realms of truth and acknowledge that what the vast majority of the voting public — OF BOTH PARTIES AND THE INDEPENDENTS wanted was true and deep change, then you should pack up your desks and get out of our way.  Make room for the rest of us — who are now going to have try to clean up the terrible mess you have left us!

Plaguing me with multiple emails every day begging for money — just won’t cut it.  All that demonstrates, is that you still haven’t updated your flawed thinking enough to realize that we want to be motivated by what we are ALL going to do to change the imbalance of power, NOT which cookie cutter candidate will “win” the “fight” in some one-off voting “battle” in Wheretheheck, Idaho.  You may note that I'm putting some of these words in quotes, because I find this combative type of verbiage scattered throughout your emails and websites.  We are all worn down and tired of the ineffective militaristic concepts of opposition.  Give us positive causes to excite and motivate us.  Don’t tell us that in order to “survive” we must finance your next political “war” in order to “conquer” the wily Twitter Twit “forces” of evil; we are rapidly becoming well aware of all that is at stake.

DON’T WAIT FOR THE MIDTERMS to see what happens!  Start NOW and tell us that, regardless of the election results, how you are going to — disassemble the military/industrial/congressional complex, use just some of the money that for decades has been going to the military (bases around the world) to instead provide free public education for all, expand medicare for everyone (as it was originally designed), totally repair and update our commons, start a race against the rest of the world to Go Green, clean up our neglected voting systems and start by eliminating the Electoral College and computerizing all of the voting districts in the US to forever rid us of gerrymandering, reinstate the rapidly being watered down Dodd-Frank banking regulations, break up the monopolistic media corporations, fully audit the Fed and the Pentagon, get Big Money out of politics (Citizens United), close down the commercialization of our prison systems, regulate social media by requiring all political ads be accurately labeled as such, protect Net Neutrality, equalize our pay and working environments, address the overwhelming and literally unbridled power of corporations, etc. Proffer THESE types of ideas in advance of the midterms and see how much eager and enthusiastic support you get!  If you think something can’t get done, then step aside — after you proactively seek someone willing to step up and try.

Otherwise, I can see no way that THIS won’t become an even more regrettable reality.

Tarry Faster
patriotic expat -- now living in Hudson, Canada. your social media marketing partner
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