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Parallel President controls the Republican Party, Duh!

Written by Carl Peterson   
Wednesday, 11 April 2018 10:06

I was just watching Chuck Todd on his early evening MSNBC show Meet the Press.  In his opening remarks Chuck indicated that he would answer the question of who controls the Republican Party now.

When he returned from commercial Chuck quickly let the cat out of the bag:  And this might shock some of you, but Chuck stated, seriously, that the president--and he didn't mean the Parallel President--now controls the Republican Party and has made it over in his image.

Chuck.  I'll accept this analysis when you can persuasively answer the following questions:  How, if he cannot even control his emotions, his own mouth, or his own twitter finger--can the president control an entire wide-flung, sophisticated, complex, cabal such as the Republican Party?  How, Chuck? Given that the president has no genuine interest in, or knowledge of, any sort of public policy?  Shouldn't it have been a hint to you Chuck?  That last week the president publicly threw away the speech he was supposed to give touting the new tax "reform," at the same time the Parallel President is spending $20 M to educate ordinary Americans about how good this "reform" really is for them.  I mean if a major political party is, as is often said, a vehicle for achieving desired policy goals, then wouldn't you need to understand policy to be able to drive that vehicle?

When you answer these questions Chuck you must also explain how the president was able to wrest control of the Party away from the Parallel President, who over a span of decades has co-opted the diseased Party and made it over into his own image.  I mean, the Parallel President is a lot richer than the president, and appears to have the ability to control his emotions, his mouth, his twitter finger if he has one, and, indeed to control many, many Republicans into doing his bidding, and he appears to have an excellent attention span, excellent attention to the details of public policy that affect his own interests, and it seems he won't take No for an answer, and he hates to lose.  I mean come on!  The president taking control of the Republican Party away from the Parallel President?  That's absurd.  How come you don't know that Chuck?  That I can't really figure out.  Neither answer I can come up with to answer this question seems to be believable.  Maybe you are aware that the Parallel President controls the Republican Party but are deliberately part of some effort to mislead the American public away from that fact?  Or  could it be that you actually think that the president now controls the Republican Party?  If I thought that you were part of an effort to mislead the American public, that would make me paranoid, but if I thought you actually believe that the president controls the Republican party that would make me paranoid too.  That might signify that you have that kind of political blindness that if it becomes wide spread could prove fertile ground for the development of fascism.  I'm not sure right now if either of these answers is correct, but I have to admit Chuck that sometimes when I look into your televised eyes, I don't see sleepiness but I do see a lack of understanding.  Sorry, dude. your social media marketing partner
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