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The Biggest Scam: Trading Democracy For A New Strain of Fascism

Written by George Monroe   
Wednesday, 14 March 2018 03:51

No, it is not that conservative Republicans are working to take down our democracy. There are no true conservatives left in the current gang of office holders that have usurped the name Republican. There are no statesmen like   Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Everett Dirksen, Jacob Javits, or Dwight Eisenhower now at work in the halls of Congress. Most of those who are currently holding offices while pretending to be Republicans are, in fact, hardcore extremists bought and paid for by a stealthy minority of aspiring plutocrats. The secret charge of their sponsors is to systematically dismantle our democratic government so it can be replaced with a totally new form of governing human societies based on a plan designed and promoted by an “inspired” Charles Koch.

Koch believes his plan has God’s blessing and will produce the best form of government the world has ever known. He has spent billions of dollars to finance the campaigns of office seekers and get them into positions wherein he can orchestrate their efforts to chip away at the democratic legal structure.  The aim is to saturate the government with enough indebted minions to render it unable to operate effectively.  When a critical  “tipping point,” is reached Koch and his supporters aim to activate a takeover to quell the chaos and institute his divinely inspired plan.

It is difficult to tell whether Donald Trump is a “patsy” in this plan or the consummate showman whose assigned task is to create the multiple diversions and chaos that Koch sees as essential to counteracting public resistance. Either way, it is clear that the supreme leader or person in charge is not Trump. He is providing a confusing and distracting reality show but he must eventually bow to Mike Pence who has been a secret and well-financed leader for a long time in the movement to implement Koch’s plan.

Evidence to support these assertions and much more is detailed in a new book by award winning professor of History and Public Policy, Nancy MacLean, entitled: Democracy In Chains: The Deep History of the Radical right’s Stealth Plan for America. In an interview about the book and the diligent research that led Professor MacLean to the discoveries it contains, she sounds some critical alarms:


This is not someone who is just trying to lower his tax bill.  He wants to bring in a totally new vision of society and government, that’s different from anything that exists anywhere else in the world or has existed because he (Charles Koch) is so certain that he is right.

(It’s) Not just money. I think it’s also much more about this psychology of threatened domination.  People who believe it will harm their liberty for other people to have full citizenship and be able to work together to govern society.

We are at a crucial moment in our history, and we will not get another chance, by this cause’s own telling.  They say again and again that this is going to be permanent (like Hitler’s Thousand Year Reich was intended to be), and they’re very close to victory.

The most important thing I want readers to take from the book is an understanding that the Koch network and all of these people are doing what they’re doing because they understand that their ideas make them a permanent minority.  They know they cannot win if they are honest about what they are doing. That’s why they are doing things in the deceitful and frightening ways that they are.


For a compete report of the interview with Professor Nancy MacLean, see article published by Slate, June 22, 2017, here

So there it is, the biggest scam ever perpetrated in the United States of America: a stealth plan to take away democratic government of the people, by the people and for the people and replace it with a plutocracy designed and led by Charles Koch.

Let this information sink in.  It is not fake news.  Spread the word of this terrible scam that Professor MacLean has uncovered. Join with others to help to put down the insurrection that the fascist-leaning minority must initiate to override the interests of our democratic majority.



NOTE:  As this article was being prepared for submission to RSN, word was received that Democracy In Chains was a finalist for the National Book Award and had won the 2017 Lannan Foundation Cultural Freedom Award for an especially notable book of particular relevance to the current historical moment.  In addition, The Nation has called Democracy In Chains the “Most Valuable Book” of 2017. your social media marketing partner
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