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Interpreting a Private Servant Moonlighting as a Public Servant

Written by Carl Peterson   
Friday, 23 February 2018 07:44

When at the town hall Marco Rubio was asked if he would continue to take money from the NRA, he explained that he takes that money and will continue to take that money because "people buy into my agenda."  Marco--discombobulated by the unexpected political turbulence precipitated by this most recent school massacre (and in his home state)--and prevented by his long-time Servitude to the Masters from being prepared to speak truthfully and compassionately to his own constituents, obtusely inserts the concept of buying--the free market--into a town hall that is essentially a wake for the murdered students--to defend himself for taking millions of dollars from gun interests, special interests whose political activities helped to make possible the 17 murders at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Marco, in attempting to disguise the true nature of his relationship to the NRA, claims that the NRA buys into Marco's agenda.  It is not that the NRA bought Marco.  It's that, independently of any special interest influence, Marco developed his own eye-opening vision of the 2nd amendment in America and the NRA loved it, and bought into it.  See, Marco is a leader in the area of 2nd amendment gun rights, not a Servant.  You should never think that he is a Servant.  A leader.  Got that?  And in the free market of ideas he is always willing to accept donations from those who like his ideas and want to help him promote them.  But he will never accept donations from those who don't like his ideas.

Of course, if it were true that Marco's gun rights agenda is his own and that the NRA merely happens to love his ideas, then Marco bears even more personal blame for the Stoneman Douglas shootings than is at first apparent.  But maybe no one at the town hall noticed this. your social media marketing partner

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