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writing for godot

Where do you go to give up?

Written by Mae B. Haynes   
Saturday, 20 January 2018 09:13

I cannot imagine anyone could argue that this is a Democratic shutdown.  I am glued to the news:  and it's clear to me that - even more than Congress - the responsibility for this shutdown is Mr. Trump, only Mr. Trump.  The president is, indeed, a tower of jello.  His word is meaningless, his promises hollow.  But there's is one effect that may, if indeed it lasts, be positive.  Congress is being forced to work in a non-partisan manner.  It might not be what we understood non-partisan to be as it was in the past, but compared to the last eight years, at least, it's a love fest.  My heart goes out to the DACA recipients.  Other problems will ultimately resolve, and nobody will be hurt for very long, assuming Trump gets bored with this particular chaos he has created, but EVERY SINGLE DAY those poor DACA youths live in increasing anxiety.  Even CHIP, which is vital for nine million children, pregnant women, sick children, will be largely picked up by the states to the best of their ability.  But with all the noise on the part of the brave marchers and the talking heads on TV, none of them are stressing the massive anxiety and fear the DACA's are suffering, knowing at any hour of any day they can be picked up and thrown out of this country; this country that has been their home most of their lives. your social media marketing partner
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