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writing for godot

We can really make America great again

Written by Charles Pomeroy   
Wednesday, 16 August 2017 07:58

Perhaps America does need to be made “great again” it’s just that the way to make it “great” is not what the Trumpies think it is. After this weekend’s hate fest in Charlottesville it dawned on me. There is already a country that believes and supports most of what the alt-right wants, and it is not the US.

We’ve been hearing so much from the “right” about “taking back the country”, keeping out the immigrants, clamping down on “voter fraud”, eliminating public schooling and healthcare, getting rid of burdensome regulations so corporations can pollute and scam us without fear of recourse. On top of that the neo fascists want to make Christianity the state religion and are trying to figure out how to make white people even more privileged than they already are.

The US has 330 million people, the vast majority don’t want more polluted water and air, don’t want more powerful corporations and don’t want one race and religion above all others. The truth is we’ve come too far, we fought a war against slavery and another against the Nazi’s, we have an incredibly diverse population most of whom can envision a future living together with good public education, healthcare, clean jobs, and voting rights. So let’s not try to change the diverse majority when we might be able to just get rid of the troublesome minority? No, not ethnic cleansing, I think we can get them to leave voluntarily. You see this other place I’m thinking about is almost all white, with Christianity as the state religion. Its run by a charismatic strong man already loved by many fringe right Americans and his authorities don’t mind a little rough treatment of racial, sexual, or religious minorities. What’s even better is that his country is a vast, sparsely populated land, the type that so many of our right-wing nuts seem to prefer. I think that with a good PR push and maybe even some cash incentives we could get a good percentage of our problem to remove itself.

Of course, I’m talking about Russia! Que the music and scenic aerial footage, lots of churches, Putin shirtless on horseback and of course for our male white supremacists, the Russian woman, some, according to Putin are the best prostitutes in the world. And for the alt-KKK women there are plenty of rich oligarchs to pursue. Seriously, can we do this? How about a go fund me page? Kickstarter? George Soros? Bono?

Honestly, how many of these assholes can there be? The whole “unite the right” debacle in Charlottesville drew from the entire eastern seaboard and as far west as Ohio to get about 1000 racist bastards to show up. The largest Neo Nazi group in the country supposedly has about 300,000 members nationwide. Even though there are hundreds of different alt-right hate groups in the US, most have well under 100 close adherents. Look at this another way, Trump is now supported by about 30% of the population (100 million), let’s say 10% (10 million) of those supporters agree with his veiled racist and anti LGBT rants, about 10% (1 million) of those will join pro-hate groups and marches. Certainly, Putin would love having another million like-minded white supremacists in his Russia, with another 9 million white Christian bigots as backup.

Like the moral majority in the 90’s which was neither, these thugs have a disproportionate influence compared to their actual numbers. Let’s get them to shut up or ship out. your social media marketing partner


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0 # Depressionborn 2017-08-20 13:51

If they can’t defeat Moore then they can’t defeat our populist (a nation for the people), agenda. We will find another better than Trump. It will mean war of course, as the swamp won’t give up without a fight.

“A new poll shows former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore with a commanding lead over Luther Strange, the Washington establishment backed candidate, heading into the GOP primary runoff for the Alabama U.S. Senate seat left open this year. The poll from JMC Analytics provided to Breitbart News ahead of its public release shows Moore with 51 percent, a majority, supporting him, while Strange trails nearly 20 points behind with just 32 percent—and 17 percent are undecided.”
0 # Depressionborn 2017-08-21 11:54
what about o care?

the Affordable Health care Act didn't plan to cover losses by the insurance companies past this year. The unspoken truth was that as soon as Hillary was elected, and Obamacare's support of insurance losses made the system fall apart, there would be a default toward single-payer insurance run by the government. But Hillary lost, and the Republicans now get to own the health care crisis.

Looks like a Trump bankruptcy is on the way.

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