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writing for godot

us old guys

Written by Gregg Herreid   
Friday, 16 June 2017 11:10

Our generation, old now, began jobs early and worked hard. We had to, we were hard up. We studied hard too, wanting a more prosperous life. We married young, stayed married, had kids; we saved and bought small houses and tried to mind our own business, not expecting someone else to pay our bills. We established good schools and expected discipline and proficient teachers; we relied on friends and relatives for help. We understood the power of government could not be trusted; we fought wars that should not have happened and won. Yes, there was failure. Without it there can be no success. But we did not expect life to be fair.

You are responsible only for yourself so keep trying. (You cannot be responsible for that which you do not control.)  Many rsn posts may need to take care of themselves. Good luck your social media marketing partner


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+3 # Kauai John 2017-06-18 01:58
"Some" of "us old guys" followed your plot. Many did not. Failure happened for many different reasons. "Us old guys" are not all the same. It is irresponsible to even pretend that "us old guys" all had successful lives. Hell, it is impossible to imagine that even a majority of "us old guys" had successful lives.

If the only responsibility is to one's self, then there are no limits on what one might do to protect that "self". Of course, I'm assuming that the only goal is to remain alive, no matter the cost to others.

You cannot separate yourself from the rest of humanity. We are all in this together. You cannot be responsible for anything if you are not accept responsibility for everything. If a crime is committed, it is your responsibility to ensure it is rectified. If a wrong is done to someone, it is your responsibility to heal that harm.

This "everyman for himself" crap (that Reagan was selling) got Donald Trump elected. It is what gave us Clinton as the transparent "candidate of the people". No thinking, moral person believed her, so the idiots who believe your crap swarmed to the polls to elect Trump -- thinking: Trump is an asshole, so it is all right for me to be an asshole.

You are your brother's keeper! And he your's.

If we don't look out for others, no one will look out for us.
-1 # Depressionborn 2017-06-18 13:37
Of course Kauai, agreed. But: no one has the right to impose on another's life or property.

Such is the essence of liberty. So too is "Live and let live" a good way to be your brother's keeper; so too is minding your own business.
-1 # Kauai John 2017-06-19 04:37
"live and let live" is another way of lauding the virtue of selfishness. The mere fact that others exist already imposes on your life and property if you want to be a part of the whole society. The 1% use your philosophy to accumulate more and more wealth to themselves by making the false claim that they "earned it".

Either we are "all in this together" or were not. When 5 people reportedly own 1/2 of the world's wealth, isn't is obvious that there is "something wrong"? Billionaires now control your live because they have enough money to eliminate you any time they want. If some day they decide that you and I are gone, how are we going to stop them?

Pretty much, you might think you are agreeing with me, but that means you've missed the whole point.

Some will now take what I'm saying to mean that the government is to be responsible for doling out all goods and services as if I'm calling for imposition of a soviet style government. That claim is silly.
0 # Depressionborn 2017-06-18 17:12
didn't say "the only responsibility is to one's self". did say "You are responsible only for yourself". big difference. Think about it Kauai
0 # Depressionborn 2017-06-19 09:41
Re: # Kauai John 2017-06-19 04:37
"live and let live" is another way of lauding the virtue of selfishness.

It is not selfish to want to leave others alone.
+1 # LionMousePudding 2017-06-20 03:15
It is if those others need your help.
0 # Depressionborn 2017-06-20 10:42
Quoting LionMousePudding:
It is if those others need your help.

Yep. Certainly agree about charity. It is the greatest virtue-even says so in the Bible somewhere. But charity does not and never can require force. Then it becomes slavery.
0 # Depressionborn 2017-06-22 13:17
LionMousePuddin g 2017-06-20 03:15. Do you think it selfish to want to be left alone?

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